Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow // Luke Stibbs and Kevin Reagan // 11.29.2011

Alas, the day has finally come. Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) has announced that he will not seek re-election in 2012. To say that we will miss him does not begin to encompass the wide range of emotions currently coursing through our minds and bodies.

This entire post should be read with the proper mood music. (Haha—just kidding.)

This occasion calls for a moment of reflection on the legacy of Congressman Frank. We look back on some of our favorite Barney Frank memories and consider what we will miss most about the congressman.

We will miss looking at his district’s map and wondering how this level of gerrymandering could possibly be legal (see how there’s just enough Boston to ensure his perpetual re-election?). We were almost as sad as Mr. Frank to see it altered during re-districting. Our prayers are with the fishing industry of Massachusetts.

We’ll never forget being told that the multiple criminal enterprises being run out of his home by various partners were no reflection on him or his character.

Although there will always be more, we will miss having yet another easy example to point to when asked how we knew that Democrats were corrupt. (Charlie Rangel, don’t ever leave us!)

Who will ever forget the day that Barney Frank slipped and spewed hot air from both ends on national television?

We’ll always remember the pompous bluster of a man who was in charge of oversight for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for over ten years blaming everyone except himself for their complicity in the housing and financial collapse.

We wish Congressman Frank the very best in all of his future endeavors. We know that Congress doesn’t have the highest pay, and he has very little experience outside of government. However, we take comfort in the knowledge that his net worth has increased by almost $3.5 million since the start of the “Great Recession.” Congressman Frank can look forward to a retirement that is funded by 4.5 million dollars, not to mention a generous congressional pension.

Luckily, Mr. Frank left us plenty of achievements by which to remember him.

Barney sponsored the Dodd-Frank bill that is currently throttling banks and a marijuana legalization bill. Wait. His partner was growing marijuana at home, and then Barney wrote a bill to de-criminalize…Never mind.

All we can say is, he’s leaving. And for once, we can finally say that we’re very pleased with Barney Frank’s decision.

Farewell, Mr. Banking Queen.


Luke Stibbs // University of the Fraser Valley (BC) // @LukeStibbs

Kevin Reagan // George Washington University // @O_JoseCanYouSee



  1. Gabriella Hoffman says:

    Gentlemen, this is a truly delightful read. Bravo, and job well done! Uproarious and comprehensive.

    Bawney Fwrank will be sorely missed. Who will we look to next for laughs?

  2. Aaahhh, perspective. Thank-you , Gentlemen; well said.

  3. Read more about Barney Frank jumping ship and signing on to REPEAL DEATH PANELS.

  4. I must say Mr. Stibbs you are one of 2 canadians that I actually like and would buy several beers if given the chance. You are the model for the rest of your country please keep up the good work…eh (just had to)

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