Liberty, Equality, and Class Warfare // Zachary Freeman // 12.05.2011

Last week, I had the honor and the privilege of watching a group of thirty-plus college students from two continents start a project that promotes truth and prosperity.  Of course, liberals hate it (but you know you’re doing something right when you piss off the Left).  Perhaps the most entertaining bit thus far for me has been reading the “well-off privileged white people” (see snapshot below and note the ethnicity of the poster) comments from the opposition.  If, by “well-off, privileged white person,” you mean that I live above the poverty line, have a roof over my head, have food to eat, and have European ancestors, then yes, I am.  But then again, that description fits a very heavy portion of the American population.  Its ignorant people like this commenting moron who perpetuate the decline of society by repeating the rhetoric of the uneducated masses, attempting to delegitimize people who actually think.  But when people who can’t think disagree with no basis for their argument, they revert to name-calling, labeling, and categorizing.

The type of attitude reflected above typifies the American Left’s obsession with class and equality. Class warfare is much more prevalent than many would care to admit, but, what is that barrier that really divides the political groups in America?  Is it racism?  Income level?  Religion?  I don’t believe so.  I believe that the actual discrepancy in societal views in America is much more complex than a simple surface label.

I attended a conference in Cincinnati, Ohio a couple of months ago in which Dr. David Smith from Baylor University introduced an idea that made more sense than anything I’ve ever heard in politics.  He said, and I paraphrase, that Americans define ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’ as American ideals; however, they are fundamentally opposite each other.  He’s right.  In fact, I’ll take it one further than Dr. Smith: America no longer strives for and reveres liberty, but rather idolizes equality.

Liberty is the inherent ability of a man to choose his destiny.  The Declaration of Independence calls for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”; it doesn’t call for equality.  Did Patrick Henry say, “give me equality or give me death!”?  Have you ever been to New York City to see the Statue of Equality?  America wasn’t founded on equality, it was founded on liberty, and the difference between having the ability to choose (liberty) and not having the opportunity to excel above others (equality) is enormous.  Somewhere in its historical journey, America stopped pursuing Lady Liberty and started chasing an old leathery hag named Equality.  If the Founding Fathers ever had equality in mind, it was equality of opportunity. Yes, all men are created equal. What they do with their lives after that point (rightfully and naturally) makes them less equal.

C.S. Lewis once explored the political ideal that all men should be treated equally and how it is oftentimes twisted into a factual belief that all men are equal, therefore making inequality itself, undemocratic.  One could easily translate this same passage to fit the history of politics in the United States. For centuries, people have flocked here to escape oppression, poverty, and death.  Why?  America embodies pursuit of liberty, which is an inherent desire of every man, woman, and child to ever walk this planet.

America has replaced a strong, opportunistic, exceptional nation with a nation of apologetic, complaining, and ‘progressive’ wackos who promote ideas that are inherently antithetical to the existence of a nation like America.  We college students have noticed that this indoctrination originates in the classroom.  It starts with professors that call pro-traditional marriage supporters “Nazis.”  It continues with professors that implore students to imprison people who make “too much profit” in their businesses and defend those who demand government benefits for nothing.  The college classroom has become ‘ground zero’ for class warfare; we don’t need progressive ideas and a big government to return to prosperity and full employment here in the United States.  We need a return to personal responsibility, self-reliance, and the ability to choose how we pursue the American Dream.

This idea that “we may be unemployed, but we should at least have equality!” (in other words, “the government should support our right to be lazy!”) has got to go.  The only difference between a conservative and a liberal is that one sees problems with historical glasses and the other dreams of unrealistic utopian solutions to the same problems.  I’ll let you decide which one does which.

Zachary Freeman, Editor-in-Chief // The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga // @freeman_zachary



  1. LOVE THIS LINE! “Somewhere in its historical journey, America stopped pursuing Lady Liberty and started chasing an old leathery hag named Equality”

    Liberty and Equality and in no way contraindicated. We are all equal before the law, and that allows us the liberty to become what we will.

  2. Just found out about your site, read your first article, and Love It! I am a current student at the University of North Texas and politics are really starting to piss me off these days. Im not some conservative sheep who just watches Fox News. I watch CNN, MSNBC, and read allot online too, so i make my express my own views of situations. Rational Ones! People have forgot how to do that i think. We need more sites and voices like yours to tell the other side of view because i talk to so many people in college who are in their early 20’s and the shit that comes out of their mouth just goes to show the kind of bad shape we are in these days. Keep up the good work.

  3. The argument seems to be that liberty is more important than equality. It also seems equality is basically defined as the opportunity to pursue goals under the guise of liberty–or something like that.

    Would you have a different take if you were convinced that equality of opportunity did not remotely exist? If there was very little freedom in liberty, if socio-economic class was strongly dictated by other factors, if there was a predisposition to classism, how, if at all, would that change your view?

  4. @Michael
    Liberty is more important than equality. Because without liberty equality equals destitution. The only way anyone would be equal is if everything is taking from everyone. In your second paragraph you make the flawed argument that your ability to succeed is based on what race you are, what income level you were born into and other nonsensicle statements. Someone born into poverty has an equal chance to succeed or fail as someone in the middle class does. As someone who grew up very close to the poverty line and am now at the upper end of the middleclass, I can say that your decisions you make in life are what determines your success ratio. Simple rules apply. Dont show up to a job interview with your pants around your waste or those disgusting ear stretcher things. And no, no business will ever have to “Get used to it because thats just how I am!” Learn to elloquate. It really does help if other people are able to understand you.
    Long story short. Its your life, stop making me pay for it.

  5. Indeed, it is your life so how about you give back all the freemoneyplease.

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