I Was Conservative Before It Was Cool

A recent NPR blog titled “The Hipsterification of America” detailed the growing dominance of the “hipster” movement in modern America. Hipster culture, a movement contingent upon anti-trends and passive nonchalance, has always intrinsically been described as a “counter-culture,” and a liberal one at that. Anti-mainstream thought and behavior is inherent in the subculture and can be described as the heart of the movement. However, no matter how aggressively modern-day hipsters deny it, their movement no longer exists on the fringes of society. Hipster attire and media have become popular, which is ironically the opposite of the movement’s claimed status of a “counter-culture.” Hipsters are anti-establishment, anti-mainstream by nature, but their influence can now be seen everywhere, from popular television shows like New Girl to fashion trends such as thick glasses and skinny jeans. Hipsters are especially dominant on college campuses where liberal professors and left-leaning students alike embrace the subculture’s aims, attitudes, and attire. The increasing influence of hipster culture in academia and university life; however, begs the question: Who’s the counter-culture?  Now that the politically liberal attitudes of the hipster movement have become engrained into college life, who is left in the minority? Well, that’s easy: we are. Conservative college students have now been relegated to “counter-culture” status as the liberal aspects of hipster culture rise to the majority.

The counter-culture of college conservatives faces daily attacks from all sides. In the classroom, liberal professors have become so dominant and biased textbooks have become so pervasive that one can rationally question whether universities are adequately fulfilling their key goal of educating students. Facts are lost in the whirlwind of professor-injected opinion and liberal bias. I’ve gotten so used to hearing about our Founding Father’s “racist” beliefs and the world-altering, glorified New Deal that I’ve almost come to adopt these liberal views myself. Well…almost. My nature as a knowledge-hungry, fact-checking conservative is too strong to be swayed by a few biased textbooks or agenda-bound professors. And the liberal infiltration is not isolated within the history department. In economics courses, free market capitalism is often looked upon as the system of the past. The natural sciences preach the dangers of global warming (my opposition to political correctness prevents me from using the words “climate change”) and don’t even get me started on social sciences. Outside the classroom, liberal bias is pervasive as well. Affirmative action is an accepted practice on campus and “social justice” is infinitely praised. Though this principle is admirable when defined as humble service to others, it’s most often used as a code word for Marxism. Speakers and guests to campus are most often of a liberal mindset as well. My school, St. Louis University boasts names like Cornel West and Tim Wise with only Mike Huckabee to serve as a conservative foil. Conservative college students are bombarded with liberal bias from all sides, inside and outside the classroom. Yet although we are now a counter-culture that does not imply that we are by nature weak or defeated. Actually, I believe it’s quite the opposite.

The ever-strengthening counter-culture of conservative college students is curious and knowledgeable by nature and I believe that its minority status only strengthens these aspects. In order to face the constant bombardment of the liberal opposition, conservative college students must find strength in knowledge and honest inquiry. We are well-informed because we must be in order to survive the constant ideological threats our counter-culture faces. Knowledge is the cornerstone of true power and conservative college students must tap into this bastion of strength in order to emerge from a counter-culture status and introduce the collegiate majority to sanity once again. It’s an uphill battle, but the future looks bright. Remember, there was a time when hipsters and their traditional liberal ideals existed only on the fringes of society. In this way (and only in this way), I hope the counter-culture of college conservatives can follow in the footsteps of the hipsters. I can’t wait until the day when we eclipse the liberal campus majority. On that day, I hope to proudly proclaim with all of my right-thinking peers that I was conservative before it was cool.

Amy Lutz // Saint Louis University // @AmyLutz4



  1. You know, upon finding this article and website, I just wanted to say this:

    I personally was a misled liberal all my life till, officially 3 years ago (I am 28 now), when I began identifying myself as a conservative, and 5 years ago, when I first started questioning my political views.

    I just felt politics really didn’t matter that much to me. In my opinion, everything, up to 5 years ago, was going along alright. Well, so many people complained, and even hated George W Bush, and there was a time I didn’t like him that much neither. But then, I started liking the guy, even though I was somewhat of a “liberal”.

    I just identified with that classification in name only, basically, I was a LINO. Actually, I never wanted to be even remotely interested in politics, because I always had planned to be a businessman, an entrepreneur.

    As Obama was getting elected, I still identified myself as a moderate liberal, while questioning what it even meant to be one; as you can see with the numbers I gave above. But regardless of my questioning of this, and my questioning of whether I truly am a liberal, or independent, or whatnot, I was cheering on Obama to be President 44. If not for any other reason because he was black.

    Actually, I was liberal most my life, because I was raised a Catholic, and I read in the Bible that God felt mercy for the poor. Like one good example was that famous quote that went somewhere along the lines of “The chances of a rich man entering the gates of heaven are as good as the chances of a camel going through a needles eye”. I also was lied to for most my life that those that don’t agree with liberal thought (conservatives) are mostly racist people. So, those were the reasons why I chose to be a liberal. Interestingly enough, now that I am a conservative, I now understand that liberals, and socialist concepts, actually are bad for the poor and middle class. The truth is, contrary to what we are brainwashed to believe in school and in the traditional MSM. Conservative policies are actually the policies that serve poor people, middle class, and rich people in a good way in a way that is incomparable when compared to the liberal equivalent. Tax the rich, till when? Margaret Thatcher said it best, “the problem with Socialism is that eventually, the people run out of money”. Socialism leads to the bankruptcy of a country (read: Greece), Communism leads to everyone has the same wage: pitiful little wages, everyone’s poor.

    What made me start questioning liberal thought was the pure hypocrisy. They wanted to seem like the ones with moral high-ground, all “tolerant” and all that stuff. When in reality, they have been on an active war against Christianity for quite some time now, and they sure are tolerant, to anything that is not Christianity, or anything that is considered wrong or evil in Christianity. They want the people to be understanding and welcoming to muslims, buddhists, atheists, and whatnot. Other than atheism, the other two (that I mentioned) are religions which believe in a God, so, they expect people to tolerate those religions, but belief in Jesus Christ as the Lord is not to be tolerated? Tolerance, forget religion, you say anything that sounds conservative minded to a liberal, and there head will explode. It’s not just religion, it’s everything, like it was said in the Rules for Radicals, they had to politicize everything. The only thing liberals tolerate is their own view points; they have no tolerance for a differing opinion. They promote all sorts of immoral behaviour, including the destruction of the family; they advocate for single parent families, they seem to have an obsession with turning everyone into “metro-sexuals”, and feminizing men, and musicalizing women.

    Well, that was what got me questioning liberal thought. But then, upon seeing that it was obvious that Obama was going to be President in 2008, I did some last minute fact checking, and found out all that community organizing history of his. Yeah, you know, all those Communist mentor-ties, crazy, ideological parents, associations with anarchist radicals, the Citigroup lawsuits, and the Cloward-Piven plan. I read about that online, I wasn’t informed about this in the news or anything like that, I had to go out and be a journalist for my own eyes. This was because the so-called journalists I was getting my news from were not even touching any of these issues at all. So, I thought right before he got elected of that old saying “if it’s too good to be true, it aint”, but had hope that it was as good as it seemed. Hope is the key word, but I Change-d my mind after seeing that information.

    Before I found that information, I still was considering myself as some kind of moderate liberal, but, after reading that, I immediately changed positions.

    As I said earlier, I never was too knowledgeable and interested in politics, because it wasn’t really affecting me, and I just wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. After reading that information about Obama, and realizing that he’s got some kind of crazy Communist/Socialist ideology, I immediately became so horrified. This was the point in time that I realized that politics can affect me, my life and my future. If Capitalism is destroyed in exchange for Communism/Socialism then my future as an entrepreneur will be very much affected, and damaged.

    I am not exactly sure about what I’m going to be mentioning in a couple sentences, but, while I was a moderate liberal, during Obama’s campaign, I got most my national news from CNN. So, that is why I wasn’t informed about all that crazy Obama stuff I mentioned earlier (that many people are aware of now). This was because (as it is well known now) CNN was the active cheerleader of Obama and the Democrat party, and, no, not in hell, CNN obviously did not want to inform people about this information. I don’t know what was being spoken on the subject at FOX News (which is now the only tv-news source that I trust when it comes to national news). But, if that information was being spoken of over there, than I don’t know why it didn’t affect the outcome of the election. Anyway, history is history, and, I guess, everyone was just happy that the first black man was President, ignoring any possible negatives, even significant ones like those.

    Upon finding that information out, not only did I personally change from being a moderate liberal, but I came to this conclusion. Well, at the time, CNN was saying ridiculous things like:

    “With Obamas election, we are now entering a new liberal era, and the Republican Party and conservative thought is now dead, and will be for a long time”

    Some say we still are in the Reagan era, well, I heard at that time, in 2008, that it was officially the end of the Reagan era. I view it differently than those views though. This is based on my conclusion that I came to which I mentioned just above which is that the Reagan era was actually from 1980 to 2000, then with Bush (who, I actually don’t think bad things of, he wasn’t a bad man, or bad president, he just wasn’t as conservative as he could’ve been) Reagan conservatism had died. Compassionate Conservatism, thanks Carl Rove, was born. But that didn’t last long, another word for it could be Progressive Republicanism, or RINO’s and it had died out with the big mid-terms of 2006. But, in 2008, upon Obama’s election, and finding out about that horrifying information. Realizing that although I was one of the rare people out there at the time that even knew about this information, I had realized two things: that information will soon be well-known by many people, if not everyone (which it probably has become, I am pretty sure, by now), and: regardless of how many people know about all that nasty information of Obama’s past, even that won’t matter as much. The fact is, if his past is so scary, I thought, “I could only imagine the horrifying story his Presidency will be like”. So, based on all that, the conclusion I came to was that the decade that was coming, this one we are in right now, the 10’s, was actually going to be the exact opposite of what the liberal media was predicting. Instead, I realized it was actually the birth of a new era indeed, a new highly conservative era. I call it the new Reagan era, or neo-Reagan era, but you can call it whatever you want to, it is what it is.

    People elected Obama on hope and change; he was a great teleprompter-reader (or as liberals put it, a “great communicator (or speaker?)”), on the basis that this man was historic, because he was black. A symbol of a move towards the “end of racism”. Mr. Obama, and his liberal friends thought his election was attributed to something else though, a political shift in America, from center-right, to far left. They couldn’t have been more wrong, America did not elect him to do some crazy liberal agenda (which is what he has “accomplished”). He was elected to be a unifying figure, not the extremely partisan hack that he is, and always has been. Like a true immoral liberal, like they all are, he feels it’s easier to lie to the public, than be truthful about it. You’ll never hear him saying “my administration is imposing these 1000s of new regulations to hurt the free-enterprise system, and give it a heavy burden” (which is common with Socialism, look at Europe). Or, “I’m a Socialist/Communist”, or “I hate the free market system”, or “I want to take over industries one by one”. No, instead you’ll hear him saying outright lies like “There has never been an administration that is so free market friendly as mine has been” (I read that he said that somewhere). Or things like “to those that say I’m a Socialist that is absolutely not true”. While at the same time, he also said “I’m a firm believer in a need to spread the wealth”, and that “we all need to pay our fair share” (sounds like a socialist to me). Like a true liberal, all he can resort to is pure full out blatant lies (at least conservatives are normally honest, some might not agree with their policies, but at least you know what you’re going to get), which he does so much of. Most of what he says, most of the time when he talks, anyone that has an intelligent mind (and is not being ignorant and blind), can easily see the constant, blatant lies that spew from his mouth. He’s even got that weirdo spokesman of his, Jay Carnie (where did he find this creep?) that does the same thing. The most ironic part is that everyone was so happy upon his election, a symbol of the “end of racism”, oh, how wonderful that sounds. It really is funny, because his party (who are his pit bulls), politicians, and commentators, and news people in MSM, has been playing the race card so much that if this was a game of cards, they would have to have been cheating with a pocket full of those race cards. Anyone that calls Obama a socialist is apparently a racist. Anyone that opposes the health care bill is, a racist. Anyone that sympathises with the Tea Party is, a racist. Anyone that opposes a raise in taxes, is a racist. But, to our defence, we aren’t racists; we just are fed up with this American decline. Much thanks of which should be directed to this spiral into Socialism, not just thanks to Obama, but also the Progressive Republicans inhabiting Congress/Senate during the Dubbya years. There is nothing racist about these ideas and stances, and it is actually absolutely ridiculous that people on our side get called racist for feeling this way. This has nothing at all to do with skin color, but, everything to do with the future of America. Another ironic thing is, other than calling our side racist, and labeling the Tea Party violent and some kind of threat (“Christian Fundamentalists”?) then you see this crazy Occupy BS. You saw Obama and his fellow Democrats; they were embracing this ridiculous movement, until there was news about the rapes, robberies, riots, molotov’s, Oakland protests, and whatnot. After which they kind of backtracked, but did not even condemn it. The mayors were the ones that were faced with the tough responsibility to deal with their BS, while Congressmen/the Obama admin just has been silent on it nowadays.

    I just decided to write this rant, because I just wanted you fellow conservatives to know, like Carl Rove once said not long ago, something like “there could never have been a better present to the Republican party, and the conservative movement, than the Obama Presidency”. This is because now we are truly in, and still entering, a new era of real conservatism. If you look at the polls, we are in the majority. So don’t worry, in this case, here I am on a young conservative website (I’m not exactly “old” myself). So, in that context, I must say, don’t worry, many of your college class mates might be brainwashed hipster weirdoes. Don’t worry though, as I have read about, and found out, many people spend much of their younger years as a liberal (as I said, I was guilty of this for much of my life, so was even Ronald Reagan, among many other examples). The thing is, as they mature, and grow up into older people, most people end up switching sides and converting to Conservatism. That is why 40% of America is conservative, 40% is moderate/independent, and a mere 20% minority is liberal. With age comes wisdom, and people understand, as they get older, that liberal ideas sound good on paper, in theory. In fact, though, they never work in the real world. In reality, the Republican Party, and what it stands for (today) (not just economically, but socially, and all that too), is the real reason why America is so great. It was only kind of recently that the Democrat party has become so far-left. As recently as the 70’s, from what I read, the Democrats were not this liberal. Today though, it seems that the Democrat Party has been infiltrated by a large quantity of God-hating Socialists and Communists.

    Yes it might be odd I wrote such a long rant, but honestly, I am so mad at Obama, and just wish I could just press fast forward in time, and end up in January 2013, a new day. No more Obama. Sometimes, I just feel a need to do an angry internet rant about it, and that was my two cents, haha.

  2. What a great piece! Kudos to you and your conservative friends who refuse to give in under the constant barrage of liberalism. Stay strong & lead the way. I think your generation is our last, best hope.

  3. Dawnsearlylight says:

    Amy, you are cool already!

  4. I am a Brazilian university course of history and I reached this blog through a social network. I can not speak English, and am using the translator
    google both to write and to read this text, so the possible grammatical mistakes than I write.

    I note that the area is left something globally in places with a
    harder than others, but they always in the field. I’m sad to
    know that this area is also strong in the West Country make stronger
    world and perhaps the last where conservatism still has some force. found
    very exquisite explanation of the young man who wrote this piece, but I confess
    not share the hopes of her. I believe that the intellectual domain
    left and reach a point that I consider to be irreversible supplanted
    the ideas back into the academic, cultural, political, etc..
    they were good disciples of Gramsci, infiltrated all spheres and
    were happy in their endeavor.

    I hope I am wrong in my negativity, and in any case have to be good
    fighters for at least the flame does not go out of conservatism within the
    institutions. good to know that there are still young people alienated by consensus
    Red …

  5. It was never ‘cool’ to be a conservative. Also, because you are conservative you don’t believe in global warming? You are a college student, did your brain turn to mush from too many late nights, or are you just trolling us really hard right now? How do your political views dispute the fact that the earths temperature is rising. Even if you don’t agree on the causes – to plain out refute the claim is just silly.

  6. Isaac Newton says:

    Excellent that you are “a knowledge-hungry, fact-checking conservative is too strong to be swayed by a few biased textbooks or agenda-bound professors”

    Can you cite some of these biased facts so that I can spot them and question them?

    Also, do you perceive a bias in the PHYSICAL (my personal favorite) sciences?

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