Tim Tebow Should Terrify Moral Relativists

Whether you love him or hate him, Denver Broncos phenom quarterback Tim Tebow is a force to be reckoned with.

Regardless of how one views Tebow’s playing style—whether or not it is amenable to one’s tastes or preferences—they should reconcile his sportsmanship with his righteous character.

It is apparent that the sensational (and equally accomplished) 24-year-old football star faces unmitigated scrutiny from the media.

What exactly has he perpetrated that beckons their attention, one might ask?

He does not sag his pants, break the law, or immortalize superficiality like the delinquents of MTV’s Jersey Shore.  Nor has he impregnated multiple girls or faced any domestic violence charges. Furthermore, he has not burned American flags, denounced capitalism, or defecated in public like his unhinged “Occupy Wall Street” cohorts.

If Tebow is a positive influence, then why is he hated by many?

The answer: he is a Good Samaritan and equally God-fearing guy—qualities that are loathed and admonished in a culture defined by Cultural Marxism.

USA Today’s Larry Touton writes, “He is clean-cut, articulate, humble, gracious in victory, hard-working, and, if that weren’t enough, he’s a humanitarian. No, not one of those “humanitarians” who does his giving in the public eye, but a humanitarian who gives quietly in the orphanages of the Philippines.”

He further expounds on anti-Tebowites: “Their dislike for Tim Tebow is not, as they would have us believe, about his throwing motion or his completion percentage; it’s all about his open professions of faith and his goody-two shoes image. When it comes right down to it, we don’t want heroes who are truly good. We want them to fail the occasional drug test or start a bar fight from time to time. It makes us feel better about ourselves.”

As a result, disdain for Tebow is best attributed to his conservative upbringing and views.

He is pro-life and pro-family.

Mostly pointedly, leftists decried Tebow’s pro-life ad during Superbowl XLIV. Why would an attractive football player stand alongside his mom and talk about the importance of life? Marxist and equally leftist logic holds that abortion is a woman’s right. A baby—mind you, parasite—should be expended because a mother’s selfishness always supersedes a developing child’s needs. Mrs. Tebow defied this feminist taboo and decided to keep Tebow despite facing complications during pregnancy. Additionally, family values—they hold—are intolerant and equally divisive. Fortunately, Tebow and his mom proved critics wrong whilst demonstrating how relevant family values are today. How endearing!

He is faithful.

As a devout Christian, Tim Tebow always takes the opportunity to remind friends and fans about the importance of faith in one’s life. Whether he is “Tebowing,” touting eye black with biblical verses, or speaking highly of Christianity, the Denver dynamo is serving an all-purpose driven life on and off the field. His faith defines him and shapes his game. Remove that component, and you lose the player.

He was raised well.

Indoctrination in our nation’s universities and schools has bred a bevy of Obama zombies and loyal Democratic Party voters. To clout this trend, homeschoolers like Tim Tebow are proving leftist academics wrong. He comes from a stable home, and was taught to be mannered, well-behaved, and respectable. From his charitable efforts in the Philippines to his personal views on self-respect, Tebow is a model citizen.

He is a feminist’s worst nightmare.

Thanks to feminazis and other self-hating “womyn,” male effeminacy continues to assault manhood.  Nevertheless, Tim Tebow stands out at 6’3’’ and touts manliness wherever he goes. He does not wear skinny-jeans or don high-heels. Instead, he prides himself in looking sharp and being a gentleman. He has too much self-respect to kowtow to feminist demands. Moreover, he is indomitable and high-spirited. Young men idolize him, young women fawn over him. As a result, Tebow terrifies feminists and rightly should.

A Wall Street Journal op-ed also highlighted Tebow’s perseverance: “Nothing seems to rattle him. He smiles and doesn’t sulk. When Tim Tebow is bummed, he doesn’t pull down the blinds, blast the Fleetwood Mac and drink red wine out of a Mason jar, like everybody else does. He’s a total weirdo.”

No matter the relentless attacks or bouts of character defamation brought before him, Tim Tebow will continue to succeed. With his faith and conviction in tow, Tebow’s spirit and drive will not be broken.

Perhaps he will be one of many individuals that pivots society away from moral relativism, political correctness, and reality T.V.?  Perhaps he will inspire a movement to reclaim manliness from the clutches of angry feminists? Perhaps he will run for office and make a difference on a grand scale? Time will tell.

Whether or not he stays in the NFL, Tebow will be called upon to lead and inspire future generations. That being said, America needs more Tim Tebow and less Jersey Shore!

Gabriella Hoffman // The University of California at San Diego // @Gabby_Hoffman



  1. Excellent article Gabby.

  2. What a wonderful commentary. Tebow is everything that today’s sports “heroes” aren’t. He is Jimmy Stewart to Michael Vick’s Marlon Brando. He is, as you’ve said, devout, faithful, polite, unfailingly positive, strong, and loves his mother. He is everything the chattering blowhards in the sports media despise. He won’t give them juicy quotes, nor late night escapades where he shoots himself in the butt or gives some starry eyed groupie a black eye (or a baby). They despise him because he simply doesn’t care one whit what they say….he FORGIVES them their snark. Is he flawed as a quarterback? Well, if winning is a flaw, he is. No gaudy Bradyian or Rogersian numbers, just W’s. He doesn’t dance in the end zone; he prays. He is an anachronism in a world where we need far more of them.

  3. I used to want to be like Mike…now, I just want to be like Tim!

    Great post Gabby! Keep fighting the good fight and being the positive role model that you are!

  4. OH NO! Gotta watch out for them angry feminists! They’ll getcha!

  5. This is a ridiculous article lol. Conservatives have got to find better heroes. His character has nothing to do with why his team is winning. Notice how I emphasize team b/c it usually isn’t due mostly to him why the team wins. God isn’t watching the Broncos and helping them win. Sorry to burst your bubble. Prayer isn’t the reason teams win football games neither is it moral values. If you don’t believe me, ask Big Ben from the Steelers.

  6. John, where in the article does the author attribute the team’s success to Tebow’s character? You clearly did not read it if you thought the point was to say that prayer wins football games.

  7. Fantastic article!

  8. @ John if you want to bring team into this. A team’s leader, which last time I check as far as football goes the quarterback is, who brings a positive attitude and outlook on life. Lifts team moral and encourages a team to do better.

  9. John Quade says:

    Does this mean that Big Ben would terrify crazy right-wing people? Since when did Tim Tebow become a political topic? Oh, that’s right…b/c he prays and is a good Christian. It doesn’t matter what is said here, that is part of the underlying message. He’s a good values man so that’s why left-wing people hate him? The paranoia of the right does not cease to amaze me. Oh, and please save me your condescending bs about how i “clearly did not read it” if I could say such a thing!

  10. I understand many of the points made here, however, I have to respectfully disagree with some of the logic behind it. You say that he was raised well, and because he was homeschooled, he did not become an “Obama zombie” or “loyal Democratic voter” in a secular college. I’ve known many people, homeschoolers and otherwise, that were raised in stable homes, were mannerly, well-behaved and respectable that chose to be a part of the Democratic party. Reading between the lines, what you are saying is that he’s a Christian, therefore, he is Republican, and anyone that was raised Republican/Christian but changes political parties was obviously just not strong enough to withstand the indoctrination of their school. Believe it or not, some people are able to make well-informed decisions. Just because they don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to their opinion or are somehow not good people because of it. God is not a republican.

    Also, you paint feminism in a very negative light. “Feminists” are not all bra-burning hippies that want to kill babies because women deserve the right to be selfish. Feminism, at its root, fights for equality, and says that women don’t have to have a man at their side to be happy or lead a fulfilled life. To say that feminists are threatened by any man that doesn’t wear skinny jeans or (laughably) high-heels is ridiculous. That would be like saying that me (as a woman) wearing a dress and high-heels is a threat to men’s masculinity.

    None of this is to say that Tebow isn’t a great guy, and I’m sure some dislike him because of his stance on the things you’ve mentioned. But just as much, people might dislike him because they don’t like the team, didn’t like Florida, and I know of at least a few people who think that some of his actions are disingenuous; whether that is the case, I can’t judge-it’s not my place. But don’t take such a small-minded view of people who might have different opinions than you.


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