Losing Our Religion: Christian Colleges Under Siege

The first colleges in the United States were founded on Christian values.  Today, there are few colleges that will even acknowledge them.  I have seen this unfortunate transition first-hand, having attended a Christian university only to see it torn apart by progressives to accommodate the world views of atheism and Islam.

Last year, I attended California Lutheran University. During that school year, we had an atheist student body president who introduced a formal bill seeking to remove the words “to promote Christian growth” from the student constitution.  This measure was cosponsored by the school’s College Republicans Vice President. Moreover, anti-Christian sentiment was heavily felt after the Secular Student Alliance regional conference was held on our campus, featuring an atheist guest speaker who spoke in the school chapel (a major slap in the face to anyone who holds the house of God dear). To top it off, the university faculty lambasted faith and equally chastised Christian beliefs.

Most notably, I had one professor, Dr. Jose Marichal, outright state that California Lutheran University was wrong to embrace Christian ideas.  He claimed that college was a place to accept Marxism and to side with terrorist rights.  Dr. Marichal was also a part of President Obama’s regional campaign in 2008.

The First Amendment guarantees every citizen the right to worship as they choose, but do Americans really have the duty to accommodate all lifestyles and religions on a college campus or in the classroom?

The problem is that the Leftist “PC Police” find my previous statement to be “not accepting of diversity”; they’ve deemed any language of that sort as “hateful.”  Today, there are Christian colleges under attack for not being inclusive of all religions.  But does this honestly make sense?  The Left claims that Christian colleges and universities do not preach tolerance.  However, I must ask: why should they?  Is it not the student’s choice on whether or not they want to attend a Christian institution?  If I chose to attend a Muslim institution, would I be permitted to complain about how they weren’t tolerant of my Christian faith?  There is a double standard in this country.

But I ask, do we no longer have to be accountable for our own decision making?  Is it my fault that someone that doesn’t agree with the Christian faith chooses to attend a Christian university only to have their own personal faith contradict with its teachings?  Why should my faith be sacrificed for that?  Christian universities have become the premiere battleground for equal rights and too many people watch it happen and say nothing.

Where have we gone wrong in society?  When did it become acceptable to infiltrate a Christian university and turn it away from its principles?   Students are losing their faith because conservatives failed to see the red flags associated with the fall of morality in the university system.  Yes, Marxist, leftist indoctrination exists, even in private Christian colleges.

I encourage my Christian conservative counterparts to continue the fight and not give up hope. Soon, people will see the follies of the far Left and their calls to remove religion, particularly one type of religion, from society and the college classroom.  The very foundations of our moral society have eroded in the university setting.  We must resist and take back our universities – faith-based ones included.

Email Professor Jose Marichal and CLU President Chris Kimball and let them know that you are disgusted with their attempts to remove Christian faith from a Christian university.

Antony Earley // American Military University // @AntonyEarley



  1. Hey, Antony. I got to know you a bit last year while you attended CLU, so I feel like I have the right to ask of you a few questions. How should a Lutheran college react to people trying to get equal rights? Is an atheist student body president any less legitimate for his lack of faith, when he was democratically elected by the students themselves? Is CLU really rejecting Christianity when it requires an Intro to Christianity class for every student looking to graduate? And am I an amoral infiltrator at a Lutheran school if I’m not Christian?

  2. I don’t get it, did you not take your meds today?

    On a more serious note, I’m not seeing the problem. No one is infiltrating anything. CLU’s leadership, including the campus pastors, appear to fully support the current state of affairs, which, despite your portrayal, are not indicative of the end times.

    As I’m sure you’re aware, there are a variety of perspectives about Christianity among Christians. You have one particular view. They have another. CLU embodies the Lutheran tradition of higher education, as do the other ELCA schools. If you want the bible in taught in the classroom or the opportunity to limit yourself to a bubble of like-minded people, apply to Liberty (or Azusa if you want to stay local).

    This entire post is an exercise in hyperbole.

  3. Daniel Davis says:

    You are absolutely spot on, Antony. The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves by now, not to mention the founders of Harvard, Princeton and Yale, who were dedicated followers of Christ. It’s true; the secular liberals have taken over the old establishments and are now trying to root out what’s left of us. As a student at Wheaton College, I’ve seen the liberal attacks firsthand. Wheaton is one of the few uncompromising, Christ-focused schools left to be found in America. In October, we were the target of media persecution on the behalf of Time Magazine.,8599,2096426,00.html

    The fact that we hold to a strong moral code here seems irritate the frustrate to death. They have bought into the Rousseau notion of the noble savage: man is good by nature, but rules and institutions hold him back. We must continue to fight for our first amendment rights, which our forefathers sacrificed and bled for. But even more, we must pray for this country’s healing.

  4. Apparently morals are becoming less and less commonplace, Strictly for the purpose of being politically correct.. It’s an absolute shame.

  5. Thomas Jefferson says:

    “but do Americans really have the duty to accommodate all lifestyles and religions on a college campus or in the classroom?”

    Yes. At least in the spectrum of your rant. (no, you don’t have to accommodate murderers, molesters, etc.)

    Is this a serious article?

    To quote myself,
    “The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

  6. Daniel Davis says:

    Mr. Jefferson, it seems that you are neglecting the freedom of association that is gauranteed us by the First Amendment. The question is not, “Do americans really have the duty to accommodate all lifestyles and religions on a college campus or in the classroom?” If the school if publicly funded, then I’d agree with you. But the question here is, does a private college have that duty? The answer is no.
    Going to a college is a contract between the student and the college. If a college requires that only Jews, or Catholics, or Muslims can attend, then the college is not legally obligated to accomodate those who do not subscribe to the religious criteria. The Constitution does not gaurantee the student a right to a private education. Therefore, the student cannot demand that the college accomodate their preferences. It would be like me going to a coffee shop and demanding that they serve me tea rather than coffee. I am not constitutionally entitled to tea. Therefore, nobody is bound to accomodate me for my preferences, even if I am paying them money. Tea is not part of the contract that the coffee shop offers. Likewise, a pluralistic environment is not part of the contract that a private college must offer.

  7. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Daniel Davis, I agree that fully-private organizations may set their own rules (within legal bounds).

    I only will take issue with your weird analogy, as most coffee shops do in fact serve tea, and that sense most (all?) coffee shops are private…and thus are not obligated to sell coffee either.

    My only tip for those who wish to go to an exclusively Christian college: burying your head in the sand won’t make “others” go away. I would just learn to co-exist with people of other faiths…mmmmk?

  8. So what you mean to say is that you have no legal argument, you just dislike the idea of a religious school. My advice: then don’t go to one.

  9. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Grooooooan – please excuse the grammar above – “sense” should be “since”

    I will gladly avoid schools which seek to impose any religion upon the students. As long as the school is completely funded privately, I certainly agree they should be able to make their own rules…to an extent. As for legality, you’d have to ask a lawyer. I’m not sure how far and to what extent non-discrimination laws reach.

    As for this hogwash about tolerance, yes, their should be a level of tolerance in learning institutions. If a school teaches one to be intolerant of others, it should probably meet my friend Dee.

  10. Thomas Jefferson says:

    last paragraph: their = there…damnit!

  11. I am Dr. José Marichal, the professor who is misrepresented in this post, and I am taking this opportunity to correct a few important points. I never stated nor do I believe that, “California Lutheran University was wrong to embrace Christian ideas.” I also do not believe and never “claimed that college was a place to accept Marxism and to side with terrorist rights.” Finally, I have never worked for any of President Obama’s political campaigns.

    In my courses, I will often ask students to evaluate controversial political views — on both the left and the right — as a means of challenging my students to become more rigorous thinkers. That in no way means that I support those political views or that I think my students should support those political views.

    I am proud to be a faculty member at California Lutheran University and share its values, as stated on its website –

    “Simply put, everyone is welcome here. CLU’s students come from more than 20 countries and 30 different denominations and faith backgrounds. So no one is an outsider. That is one of the most deeply held values in the Lutheran tradition and nowhere more evident than on our campus. As a student at CLU, your personal convictions and beliefs will be respected and honored. At the same time, CLU will challenge and strengthen you with new intellectual and theological reflections and provide opportunities for you to encounter the Christian faith in thought and practice.”

    I am in full support of the university’s curriculum which is also discussed on the university’s website –

    “CLU’s core curriculum includes two religion courses, although many students elect to take more. Understanding the religious history, beliefs, and customs of our world is a crucial part of a complete liberal education. Other courses throughout the curriculum offer students a chance to see how the academic disciplines intersect with issues of faith. Classroom discussions often include dialogue where Christian ideas and values are contrasted with other seriously argued positions. Professors will encourage you to explore your thoughts and beliefs both academically and outside of the classroom.”

    If you would like to know more about CLU, then CLU’s President is a good source: in March of this year our university President wrote a statement on “What Cal Lutheran is all About” that was published in one of our local papers:

  12. Antony –

    This might not be to much of a surprise … but the heretics who call themselves “lutharans” are not Christians. Heresy automatically excommunicates you from Christianity … heresy is a sin against the First Commandment (sin against the Faith).

    The entire construct of Cal “lutheran” is anti-Christ, and by association so is everyone who works there.

    Heresy against what, you should be asking yourself … now don’t panic … it’s heresy against the Catholic Dogma of the Catholic God. * * * Warning: There are no Catholic bishops or priests in these times … our formerly Catholic properties have been completely taken over around the world by the vatican-2 heretic cult which was founded on 8 December 1965 at the Vatican. * * * (The Papacy fell vacant in 1917 and is currently vacant)

    If you recall, heretic Luther (in Hell for as long as God shall be God) … started the “lutheran” heretic cult in 1517 … after Christ founded Christianity in 33 A.D. at the First Pentecost.

    Christ did not came back into the world to start the “lutheran” heretic cult in 1517 … so that the “lutheran” cult must, by definition, be anti-Christ (not Christian).

    I list the Catholic Sources of Dogma which all heretic cults are in violation of (including the “lutherans”) on my website > >

    Section 1 > Salvation Dogma
    Section 1.1 > Water Baptism Dogma
    Section 3 > De Fide (of the Faith) Dogma listing
    Section 5.1 > The Catholic Dogma that ignorance of the Dogma sends you into Hell forever
    Etc …

    There is a Formal Abjuration of heresy on Section 19.1 of the site … in case you ever want to become a Christian. Abjuring your heresy before two witnesses will take about 45 minutes.

  13. Karin Grennan says:

    The atheist who served as president of the Associated Students of California Lutheran University was not the one who proposed that students vote on the change to the student government constitution.

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