Occupy: A Brit’s Perspective on the Movement

Yet again, the Occupy movement has attempted to shut down ports around America, further damaging the economy and injuring port companies and their workers.  While they did this supposedly to express ‘solidarity’ with various ‘martyrs’, the ‘leaders’ of the movement still deny receiving any endorsement from unions operating within the Northwest port area. As a Britain, I want to ask this question: how much further do Occupiers have to push before Americans stand up and say “enough”?

At a time when the worldwide economy needs all the support it can get, protests like these directly cost the American economy millions and millions of dollars in negative publicity and lost productivity which, in turn, hinders growth in the European economy.  Therefore, I’m sufficiently pissed.

History will likely place the Occupy protests as a footnote on the global financial crisis. While the Eurozone crumbled and American unemployment soared, a collection of socialists, environmentalists, anti-Semites, radicals, statists and progressives set up camps around the Western world to ask the government to give them something for nothing.

But the Occupy movement has been a blessing to Barack Obama and Democrats, allowing them the luxury of deflecting their own mistakes onto bankers and businesses rather than facing up to their own failed policies.  But its not just American politicians that may be rethinking their support of the Occupy movement.  The left-wing Labour party in the UK is also reconsidering their supporting role in the Occupy protests. European politicians used the same tactics to shove their failed policies off onto the banking industry and it is going to come back to bite them.

The simple ‘bash the bankers, soak the rich’ rhetoric has been given too much airtime by liberal media happy to attack a soft target.  But not even the noble cause could maintain the high stature of the movement; it lost serious legitimacy when the world heard of the criminality occurring within the camps. Sexual assaults, robberies, thefts and shocking examples of hypocrisy ended any justification for the occupations.  Civility was lost and positive attention fled the scene.

In the Occupy London protest, police used a thermal imaging camera to examine the tents. The majority of the them, almost 90%, were empty at night. These rent-a-cause protestors were hanging around the camp in the daytime then going home to their warm, capitalist beds in the evening. Hardly ‘solidarity’ at its finest.

The icy chill of winter will inevitably send the majority of protestors home, and it is likely that the entire Occupy ‘movement’ will end in a damp squib rather than a final conflict.  The cost of policing and cleaning all of their camps will run into millions of dollars though, a cost which will be generously met by, you guessed it, the taxpayers of America.

Without realizing it, the Occupy movement has been used by everyone.  To the media, they are a quick story they can stretch out for months.  To Republicans, they are an example of modern-day entitlement culture, young people who expect the moon on a stick and refuse to work for it.  To Democrats, they are useful idiots, taking media attention off Obama’s diabolical ratings.

Frank Manning // University of Nottingham (UK) // @billymanning



  1. If this adminsitration and its joke of a DHS gave a shit, they would have immediately stepped-in when this group shutdown the port and treated it as domestic terrorism, which is exactly what it is. What is the DHS doing with their $1T budget anyway? They surely aren’t defending our borders . . . If the OWS stooges would stop to realize how they are being manipulated, they might figure out they should be demonstrating around the White House! Idiots!!!

  2. Since Mr. Manning is English, in my mind I read this article with a British accent, which made the article all the more lovely.

    Secondly, I live in Oregon so there have been several articles about how the forced closure has cost regular workers their pay since they were sent home with no work to do the days the ports were closed. The Occupiers don’t see the irony in what they’re doing in the name of their skewed view of social justice is actually hurting the so-called “99%” instead of helping them.

  3. Its nice to know we have friends across the pond that are thinking the same thing many of us Americans are… Good article. Now its time to start writing articles discussing ways to convince the useful morons to learn about capitalism and economics so they turn the mush brains into productive citizens. The true problem is how to end this protest peacefully. I fear it may be too late, as a recent college grad -> now hard working tax payer.. People my age and the up and coming future of the world are being taught to think like OWS (social justice, marxist, anit-semetic, pro-radical muslin, decreased freedom, increased gov control)

  4. Heather Eagle says:

    “History will likely place the Occupy protests as a footnote on the global financial crisis.”

    It’s so telling that you try and minimize the movement. Regardless of your feelings towards the message, they’ve already altered the entire conversation the United States is having in regards to wealth, taxation and who we elect. You can’t deny that. Had there been no Occupy movement, we probably wouldn’t be at a stalemate in our Government regarding payroll tax cuts for the working class of this country. Both parties are now pushing for those cuts, but in different forms. Had there been no movement, only one party would be pushing and it would be lightly.

    This essay is just trying to revise reality. It’s really ridiculous. You can disagree with the message, but to try and change the facts? Come on.

  5. I had this conversation with a Brit friend of mine after I had to sit near a loud trio have a debate (more like an assault) at my university about the Occupy Movement. It honestly bothers me to pieces that they are complaining about things such as unemployment, but then prevent people from going to their jobs or they do not personally have a job (and are not looking). I agree that there are issues in the government (local, state, and federal), but how I deal with it everything is by working my BUTT off to be better and to do better for others. Unless we miraculously go through a change in government where Congress majority and the President agree, then Occupy is wasting their breath and our time. We need to help others out and we need to be and do the best we can. If we don’t, then things will just get worse. My friends, family, and I are toughing it out by being supportive and strong. We refrain from welfare unless we absolutely need it, and we work like our own network to change our lives for the better. More people should function like this, because then we would all be better off, and we get to hear good news for a change instead of this Occupy garbage! Occupy, you can be the change by CHANGING. It’s a physical action that says a lot more than protests.

  6. What ignorant drivel. OWS a blessing to the democrats…? This young dolt ought to bugger off with his silly misconceptions, or at the very least pull his head out of his arse and pay attention to what is being said. Perhaps then, though he gives no clue he could, talk intelligently about OWS without the sensationalism the dominant and right wing media chose to frame OWS with. He obviously hasn’t comprehended the first thing OWS has to say about the politics in this country. I suppose I can forgive him for being too young to wrap his head around matters of economic inequality, but to speak so confidently about something he is absolutely clueless about is, I suppose, something a young know-nothing must do to take his knocks and learn some humility before his elders. College ages kids seldom do take that lesson well, and such a cocksure dolt as Sir Billy here is no exception.

    Where is the substance in this? Is there an original thought in any of this? What exactly does Sir Billy add to the conversation that hasn’t already been spat out by some talking head, or self-important pundit in the dominant media. His country is reeling under bizarre and counterproductive rightwing austerity measures that are forcing a new recession on his country, as are such measures in Europe, and this sniveling dolt has the audacity to criticize a movement he knows nothing about and can’t even criticize with an intelligent, cogent argument. Oh, that universities taught their children, yes, children, critical thinking skills.

  7. @anthony: “social justice, marxist, anit-semetic, pro-radical muslin [sic]”

    Are you not embarrassed for linking these words (i) to each other and (ii) the latter two in any serious way to the OWS movement? Inform yourself.


  8. Andrew Davis says:

    This is what the occupiers do now :(

  9. Great article by the British Bill O’Reilly.
    What about OWS is anti-Semitic?
    Here’s to you staying in the UK, mate!

    Andrew Davis – great find. Gotta love that anecdotal evidence.

  10. Andrew Davis says:

    Oh I can bring some links about all the theft, rapes, violence and murders during this OWS nonsense… and we can compare them to the Tea Party if you wish :)

  11. Andrew Davis says:
  12. Doesn’t matter to me. I don’t fully support OWS. I also don’t fully support the Tea Party.

    I do support fact-based claims. If either group was established for the purpose of heinous action, I would condemn it. I feel that small numbers of law-breakers to not typify the group as a whole, generally.

  13. Actually, you’re right. I’ll help you stop protests, if you help me stop sports!

  14. Pita Bread says:

    Meanwhile, I’m european living in US 12 years and I PISSED that all blame you europeans put is on America. Greece, Spain, Ireland and most your EU countries tumbled and still this is US fault. Start working Mr. British and stop waiting for United States to send you billions like we have had.

  15. Lori Fitzmaurice says:

    I think this is a pompous perspective steeped in the “what about me” ego of the author. The Occupy movement is in response to the incredible lack of justice against those in corporate power whose greed drove the poor economic decisions that put our economy at risk and which is still happening in your own european banks (they are steeped in credit swaps and risky ventures just like what brought our economy down :). We’re not socialists (although the thought of making sure no one is poor is a great goal we should all embrace), nor are we whiny, we’re just citizens who are expressing our right to assemble and speak out against what we deem injustice. The history of America has plenty of situations that have impacted systemic problems (women’s right to vote, equal rights for all races) through civil disobedience. Not perfect, but that is where change begins. Notice the protestors aren’t teargassing or clubbing the police; they’re doing that. So, sit down and fix your own issues before you throw stones at others. By the way, nice suit. :)

  16. Lori Fitzmaurice says:

    oh, and anthony, i’m definitely not pro-muslin, i prefer straight cotton :0P However, i do support muslims, as i support all people (i.e. i’m not a racist bigot) is that what you meant? ha ha

  17. Ralph Warnock says:

    Straw men set up and knocked down, gratuitous name calling, false equivalencies, bumper-sticker cliche and diversion, make up Manning’s argument, such as it is. His snide, smugly condescending attitude would be annoying if it wasn’t so easily dismissed.

  18. I agree with many people who have commented on what hogwash this man expects others to listen and agree to. It is people like him that are causing the financial problems that we are all facing in this hemisphere. They perpetuate the lies that people like himself want to hear. What about the 99% of the rest of the world that is suffering because of the greed and mistakes the 1% subjected us to? Shame on you and the others. Th e occupiers are acting in the same way the arab people have in rejecting those that want to oppress others so that they can increase their wealth and power. Shame, shame, shame!

  19. Great article.

    And to think that 30 years ago the socialist/liberal media would have been the only source of information about such events. OWS would have been portrayed as “Another French Revolution — simple, but glorious in its aspirations!” Well, between cleaning human feces off police cars and the lawns of pubic places which OWS occupied, and videos of riots, burning and thuggery, we got a pretty good idea of what types of people are attracted to such movements. We SAW their crimes! Big Brother has lost control of the news. God bless the New Information Age — talk radio, Internet news and Fox News. We are calling out the hypocrites, the liars:

    -10/21/06 Daily Mail: BBC CEO M. Grade caught (unknowingly) on tape saying: BBC favors multiculturalism and Muslims; Christians are to be trashed; America has no moral weight; Leftists run BBC; BBC Diversity Tsar wants a veiled female reporter; demeans rural people.
    –6/17/07 Daily Telegraph: The BBC has failed to promote proper debate on major political issues because of the inherent liberal culture of its staff, a report commissioned by the corporation has concluded. Says BBC director general Mark Thompson: “In the BBC I joined 30 years ago, there was, in much of current affairs, in terms of people’s personal politics, which were quite vocal, a massive bias to the left.”

    Time is on our side:

    Polls of Americans about how they saw Big Media during the ’08 election:
    -Rasmussen: 69% pro-Obama, 6% pro-McCain
    -Pew Research: 67% pro-Obama, 11% pro-McCain; also, from 1992-2004 the media is pro-Democrats over Republicans
    -Sacred Heart University: 68% pro Obama, 9% pro McCain
    -Fox News/Opinion Dynamics: 67% pro-Obama, 11% pro-McCain

    30 years ago we would have had no access to such talented obervers as you.

  20. Lori Fitzmaurice says:

    Um, multiculturalism as in appreciating people who are different than me? Wow, racist much?

  21. lori fitzmaurice is yet another multiculturalist who hates women, who is totally indifferent to their subjugation under Islam:

    -The UN’s Gender Empowerment Measure ranks nations by women’s equality: Muslim nations rank at the bottom.
    -2/6/04 Each year 2 million girls are subjected to female genital mutilation (FMG), mostly in Muslim countries.
    -7/09 UK’s Department for Children, Schools, and Families estimates that 5 to 8 thousand Muslim girls were forced to marry last year.
    -1/29/07 Daily Telegraph UK: 75% believe that women should wear veils.
    -12/5/10 LA Times: A new Pew Research Center poll shows that majorities in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria would favor changing the current laws to allow stoning as a punishment for adultery.
    -Tabari IX:113: “Allah permits you to shut them (women) in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain, they have the right to food and clothing. Treat women well for they are like domestic animals and they possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in his Quran.”
    -Sahih Bukhari: “A prayer is annulled by a passing woman, a dog and a monkey; Aisha complained that Muhammad had made women dogs…1.9.490, 493,498; A menstruating woman and a dog cuts off a prayer…”2.0703
    -Tabari I:280: “Allah said, ‘It is My obligation to make Eve bleed once every month as she made this tree bleed. I must also make Eve stupid, although I created her intelligent.’ Because Allah afflicted Eve, all of the women of this world menstruate and are stupid.”
    -Hadis 789 vol. 2, p. 114: “An ass, a pig, a Jew, a Magian and a woman annuls a prayer.”

  22. Lori Fitzmaurice says:

    Ha you crack me up! Honey, there’s plenty of crap in every religion – and uh as for hating women, chk my bio, goof.


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