A Message for Harry Reid

Harry Reid and Democrats of the Senate,

The 13.9 million unemployed Americans have a message for you.  The message is short, sweet, and to the point: stop.  Stop putting your narrow-minded, anti-economic recovery ideology before our jobs, families, and livelihoods.

A recent example of Senate Democrats’ narrow-minded ideology shows itself in the form of a tweet from the Majority Leader Reid himself: “We can’t allow the myth of job-killing regs 2 distract us from the very real crisis of unemployment facing this nation #DsWorking2CreateJobs”.  The only thing more ridiculous than the content of this Tweet is the fact that Harry Reid somehow finds time in his busy day to spend time Tweeting it.

All in all, it goes without saying that Senator Reid and most Senate Democrats (including Senator Nelson) have been in Washington and diverged from reality for way too long. Let’s focus on the facts:

According to a recent Gallup poll, small business owners are most likely to name complying with government regulations as the most pressing problem facing them today and, thereby, hindering their ability to hire unemployed Americans.  Surprised? You shouldn’t be.  Business owners have claimed that over-regulation has been killing American jobs for years.  I wonder if Harry Reid actually asked business owners what they needed to create jobs?  Surely he didn’t think he could do it all by himself…

Currently, the Directory of Federal Regulations contains over 81,000 pages; in other words, if you were to read 100 pages a day, every day, it would take you over two years to complete.  Can you imagine trying to keep up with all the regulations and the incredibly complex tax code?  It is no surprise entrepreneurs are apprehensive about starting a business.

However, complying with outdated, unnecessary, and burdensome regulations doesn’t just cost small businesses precious time, it also cost them a lot of money that could have been put to a better use, such as hiring unemployed and underemployed Americans. In a nutshell, regulatory compliance costs American businesses $1.75 trillion annually; enough money to hire 43 million workers, a quarter of the American workforce.

If Harry Reid actually wanted to create jobs, he could.  In fact, he could be the hero that unemployed Americans have been waiting for.  But he won’t be; the regulations that cripple entreprenuers are the same regulations that keep him in office term after term.  Without a promise to create jobs, he has nothing to offer his constituents.

Contact Harry Reid’s office and let him know that Americans are sick of his empty promises and false intentions.

Ryan Heffner // Eckerd College // @rrheffner



  1. Good article……Thanks…..Just a note for you..Regulations also make the playing field uneven for small businesses through compliance cost where as big business can sooner or later pass the cost down to the consumer.

    Ron http;/

  2. I agree with Ron, but there is more to it than that. The cost of regulatory compliance does not vary directly with the size of a company. Despite a few small-company exceptions, a small company still has to comply with many of the same regulations as a huge multinational. That means that the cost of compliance is disproportionately larger for a small company than a large one. In effect, the regulatory burden is a highly regressive tax on start-ups and other small businesses. This discourages start-up businesses because those costs start on day 1, regardless of whether your business grows or is successful.

    Obviously we need fewer regulations, but there are some that are still valuable and should continue. That said, I would argue that small companies need exemption from many, if not all, federal regulations until they reach a certain size threshold when necessary regulations can be phased in.

    The dirty little secret is that most large companies actually like increased government regulation. Big companies know who their competitors are and they often have a comfortable coexistence with each competitor. What large companies fear is the small company that can offer multiple competitive advantages (good prices AND good service!) because they can innovate without worrying about decades of legacy decisions and costs. Regulation helps stop these small competitors from forming, which ultimately makes life easier for the executives at large companies.

    If “Corporate America” were really opposed to all of the regulations that are inflicted upon them, you’d see a lot more action to prevent and overturn needless regulation. Note that Republicans are almost as much to blame as Democrats for the level of regulation. Name one regulatory burden that was lifted on small business during the Bush years, for example.

  3. We need the input as to how much the most costly regulations cost small businesses.
    Maybe chamber of commerce members.
    size of business
    # of employees
    which regulations cost you lots, and how much do those regulations cost you (not aggregate)
    could your business be done from overseas if the regulations kill your business?

  4. Do you really want to know what I think? I live in NEVADA and the “man” is a Punk! A thug, a Democrat! Who hasn’t done a damn thing for the private sector taxpayer and he strong armed fools, morons and idiots in to “voting” for him. There is a special place for Harry, it’s called HELL!

  5. There must be a nest out there filled filled with a species of fat cats that have never seen the harsh realities of every day life. Their well feed faces indicate that as soon as they get kicked out of the nest there will be another haven for them to hide.


  1. […] list continues with Harry Reid, Adriana Huffington, and many others. This video is the Communist Manifesto […]

  2. […] list continues with Harry Reid, Adriana Huffington, and many others. This video is the Communist Manifesto […]

  3. […] list continues with Harry Reid, Adriana Huffington, and many others. This video is the Communist Manifesto […]

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