Barack Obama: The Anti-Jobs, Anti-American Dream President

In the run-up to the 2008 elections, candidate Obama captivated millions of Americans with his “hope and change” rhetoric and the promise of a new and better America. Obama was “cool,” and perceived as the candidate that understood the needs and wants of ordinary Americans. Obama was (wrongly) perceived as the candidate who could get Americans back to work with good-paying jobs.

Therefore, candidate Obama became President Obama. Three years later, however, millions of Americans regret their vote for Obama; as his narrow-minded, far-left ideology is destroying good-paying American jobs and the American Dream.

The Obama administration is synonymous with unemployment and stunted economic growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Obama was inaugurated with an unemployment rate of 7.8%; today, the unemployment rate is 8.6%. Under Obama, the current underemployment rate (U6) is 15.6%; and absolutely ridiculous.

Moreover, the current unemployment rate is higher than what Obama promised the American people it would be, when the Democrat-controlled Congress unwisely passed his wasteful “stimulus“. The same wasteful “stimulus,” which the Congressional Budget Office projected will harm long-term economic growth, denied hardworking Americans good-paying jobs and self-respect.

Accounting for job-killing ObamaCare, America’s nightmare becomes worse. According to the Congressional Budget Office, Obama’s disastrous ObamaCare law will kill a minimum of 800,000 good-paying American jobs. ObamaCare will rob thousands of Americans (especially those with low-skills) from building their own American Dream; keeping them permanently dependent on the government. All in all, a recent Rasmussen poll shows that 53% of Americans favor the repeal of job-killing ObamaCare.

Furthermore, Obama continues to demonstrate his extreme anti-business, anti-jobs ideology, as the White House continues to regulate the life out of American businesses – both big and small. According to the Heritage Foundation’s Red Tape Rising: A 2011 Mid-Year Report, in the first six months of fiscal year 2011, 15 new major regulations were issued. These 15 new major regulations will cost businesses $5.8 billion annually; plus a one-time cost burden approaching $6.5 billion to implement the new regulations in an already weak economy. According to Gallup, small business owners consider the costs of complying with regulations as their #1 concern; with a third worried about going out of business.

These facts, however, haven’t stopped Obama from claiming the contrary. According to Obama, his administration reviews “regulations that are already on the books and if they don’t make sense…get rid of them.” However, PolitiFact rated that claim as “pants on fire;” their lowest rating, even lower than simply “false”.

Overall, the Obama administration has, so far, forced 75 new major regulations on the weak economy from January 2009 to mid-FY 2011. These 75 new major regulations will cost American business $38 billion annually. Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare, and the EPA’s anti-American energy crusade will only led to the skyrocketing of new job-killing regulations.

However, the fact remains, businesses mostly don’t pay the cost of regulations. Regulations, like rent, salaries, et cetera, are costs which must be covered. In other words, regulation costs are passed onto the consumer in the form of a “hidden tax”. New and/or increased regulation costs facilitate one (or more) of three possible outcomes. First and foremost, higher prices for consumers as new and/or increased regulation costs must be covered by price increases on goods and services. Secondly, the closure of businesses (especially small businesses) because new and/or increased regulation costs force businesses to increase their prices to a point higher than what consumers are willing or able to pay; thereby, killing American jobs. Thirdly, new and/or increased regulation costs force businesses (especially small businesses) to lay off hardworking American workers and/or move overseas; again killing American jobs.

To add insult to injury, Obama’s latest national debt plan would punish small businesses for being successful and creating jobs for hardworking Americans. According to estimates from the Joint Committee on Taxation, “small business owners will pay over half of the taxes raised” under Obama’s latest national debt plan. Obama’s proposed tax increases will punish hardworking American entrepreneurs and steer their private job-creating investments to wasteful and corrupt federal politicians and bureaucrats.

Obama’s job-killing policies are creating an era of downright absolute misery in America. Thankfully, Americans are beginning to see through Obama’s empty and equally class-warfare rhetoric. Americans are realizing that they elected an extreme anti-American Dream ideologue as President of the United States.

According to Gallup, Americans rightfully disapprove of Obama’s handling of job creation (60%) and the economy (67%). Under Obama, 50% of Americans rightfully believe the economy is poor and 66% rightfully believe the economy is getting worse.

The Obama administration is synonymous with unemployment and stunted economic growth. Under Obama, unemployment, underemployment, and far-left job-killing regulations are skyrocketing. To add insult to injury, Obama continues to propose new job-killing regulations and tax increases which will punish small businesses for being successful and creating jobs for hardworking Americans.

All in all, instead of stocking the fires of class-warfare, systemically killing good-paying American jobs and the American Dream, Obama should work with the Republican-controlled House to pressure the Democratic-controlled Senate to pass the House’s 28 bipartisan jobs bills. Republicans are serious and intend to institute the necessary reforms to facilitate good-paying jobs for hardworking Americans.

However, the question remains. Will Obama and Democrats continue to obstruct the necessary reforms to facilitate good-paying American jobs? Or, will Obama and the Democrats finally end their far-left, anti-American jobs, anti-American Dream ideology and finally become a partner with the Republicans? The millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans and their families hope and pray for the latter.

Ryan Heffner // Eckerd College // @rrheffner



  1. Daniel Davis says:

    What truly amazes me is how President Obama seems utterly oblivious to the lessons of history. When in history has a socialistic economy ever proved viable and sustainable? When have redistributionist policies ever resulted in greater happiness, liberty, and dignity for the individual? Even now, as the Euro-zone crisis is revealing the failure of European-style social democracy, our President stubbornly ignores the fiscal gloom that awaits us under his policies. Barack Obama is living out the definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results. Now, his rigid far-left ideology threatens our national future. One would expect him to know where the current path leads. Does he know that he’s wrecking the country? The answer to that question determines his patriotism.

    Or lacktherof.

  2. UNeverKnow says:

    President Obama has done his absolute best to get the nation back on the right path. Instead of supporting the President of these United States, the GOP has waged a war of obstruction. The party that preaches patriotism is the same party that refuses to compromise for the good of this nation and the people of this state.
    Of course gutfart can’t back up his claim. When has the ignorant ever backed up their claims? It’s a documented fact that the neocons want to destroy the country for their own political gain. They’ve even admitted it.
    You guys seem to have two problems. 9 out of ten people know Romney is untrustworthy, and 9 out of ten people know that the rest of the republiklan party is completely insane and would gladly destroy the country just to score cheap political points.

    Obama isn’t a king. He was popularly elected by a sizable majority of the American electorate, and despite his flaws he seems very likely to be elected again.

    I’d gladly vote for someone else, but that person has to be vaguely trustworthy and preferably not infected with rabies. That eliminates all the republiklan candidates.

  3. Sean Breslin says:

    All you have to do is point back to his bold statement when he first took office — all he said he needed was 100 days. The arrogance hasn’t let up, and neither has the recession we are stuck in.

    Time for someone new to take a stab.

  4. Open Mind, Closed fist says:

    How can we take this website seriously when you use headlines worthy of The Onion?

  5. Daniel Davis, the US has had a socialist economy for a long time. When has it ever been purely capitalist?


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