Mitt Romney: The Next Candidate or Party Flop?

The Iowa Caucuses saw an upset in the polls last week as the GOP campaign season kicked into full gear. Although the outcome was in Romney’s, the voting margin between him and Rick Santorum was only by 14 votes. The upset?  The projected winners at the beginning of the day were Romney and Ron Paul running neck and neck. And it wasn’t just CNN projecting that Romney and Paul would be in the lead.

Senator John Kerry

So why the change? Two words: Flip flop. Many will remember this term from the 2004 election when then-Democratic nominee John Kerry was deemed a “flip-flop” when confronted about his voting for the war before he was against it (amongst his many other flip-flopping shenanigans over the years). Voters are starting to realize that Romney has too many skeletons in the closet and has been nothing but inconsistent.

Just take a look at his voting record.  He was for gun control before he was against it.  He was for abortion before he was against.  He was for mandating healthcare (and even took pride in Obama using a system that was similar to the one he implemented in Massachusetts) before he was against it. And the list goes on.

As a result, there is a clash between the Romney that ran four years ago and the Romney that is running today.

In fact, it’s so bad that even the Democratic National Party has caught on, creating a campaign ad elaborating on Romney’s numerous speeches in which he has fabricated the truth about his voting record and beguiled the American people.

So, if Romney is so wishy-washy, why do people like him?  The answer: He’s a moderate.  As indicated by recent polls, the majority of America wants Obama booted out of a job, come November 2012, and there are many libertarians, independents (and, in some cases, moderate Democrats) whose votes remain undecided.  There is fear within the Republican Party that these votes will most likely not go to a conservative candidate, but a moderate or liberal Republican that the Republican Party desires to cash in on these votes to ensure they win the election.  Their best RINO?  You guessed it: Mitt Romney.

The effect of this could possibly cost the Republicans the entire presidential election. Despite President Obama’s socialist/Marxist views on government (and execution of those views with the help of Congress), the one thing he has done in his presidency is remain consistent. He helped promote Obamacare and still considers it one of the “crown jewels” of his presidency.

Now imagine a presidential debate with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama going head-to-head. Sure, Romney can throw some pretty low blows; but, his voting record is not only bad, but he has also lied about it on numerous occasions, whereas Obama is proud of every decision he has made. I can just hear Obama thanking Romney on stage for inspiring Obamacare.

This is a dangerous step.  Conservatives stick to their morals and the Constitution, which, clearly, Romney has not.

Quite frankly, if Mitt Romney has been so flippant about the issues as a governor, he’ll likely be much worse in office as President.  Do we really want to run the risk of losing the battle simply because Mitt Romney can’t decide which party he’s with?

We, as conservatives, shouldn’t have to settle.

Elissa Roberson // College of the Desert // @ElissaRoberson



  1. No more “Lesser of 2 Evils”. I’m voting for Ron Paul even if I have to write his name in on the ballot. I’d rather have the Devil I know in office (Obama) than the one I don’t. No more RINOs in office. I’m making a statement to the Republican Committee that RINOs are unacceptable. The Bush Administration (great at first) used a tragic moment in history to expand the Federal Government (Homeland Security and TSA) and took away some civil liberties (by enacting the Patriot Act). How do you like getting felt up at the airport these days or getting hit with radiation in the scanners?

    For all the Ron Paul haters’ out their, what is it about the Foreign Policy (which he is well versed in) that you don’t like? Can we at least try it his way for 4 years? Our deficit couldn’t get any worse under Ron Paul, only better. All the money you have in savings earning interest has devalued since you’ve put it in there. What’s the point in saving (and earning interest) for retirement if it’s worth considerable less than when you put it in? Let’s say we stay the course and Police the World for the next 2 decades. What happens when the dollar plummets, we hit the wall on borrowing (paying in interests more than the GDP can support), foreign aid goes away and there goes the foreign policy. After all, our foreign policy is contingent upon payouts to countries by way of foreign aid. No money (or very week dollar) no dice.

  2. I’m with Kyle on this one. If we are 16 trillion dollars in debt, why do we give money to foreign countries including some who are sworn enemies of the USA? Besides this 70-year old man does not want people such as the young people writing at The College Conservative saddled with the debt. We are not giving money to foreign countries, we are giving debt to our children, grandchildren, and beyound.

  3. Changing certain views as long as you hold one’s feet to the fire is fine. Churchill did it. Reagan did it.

    As for his healthcare issue. Numerous conservative groups and leaders such as Heritage and Cato plus people like DeMint were all in for Romney’s plan for fixing the gap for those without insurance. Ignore this and the major differences between the Mass plan and Obamacare and you can see why conservatives can do a thing on a campaign. Not to mention the joke that is the vulture capitalism line.

  4. The “I’d rather have Obama in office than a RINO!!!1!” idiocy has gotten very old, and frankly, I’m tired of it. If it’ll make you sleep better at night in Jan. 2013 having a POTUS you agree with 20% of the time as opposed to POTUS you agree with 60% of the time because you “stuck to your principles”…you might want to rethink your principles.

    By the end of the summer, Romney will be our nominee and we will all HOPEFULLY band together to make President Obama a one-termer. If you’re willing to sacrifice the future security of our nation because you liked one Republican more than another during the primaries, then the Conservative Movement is in a very sad state.

  5. McCain all over again!

  6. Couldn’t agree more Mel. To say you would rather have Obama than the “Republican” that “Republicans” voted for is just terrible. Who cares which Republican gets the nominee, we should as conservatives get Obama out of office no matter what. If whatever Republican is in office isn’t conservative enough for you, speak out. Hold that Republican to the conservative values the party was founded on. We cannot have any more socialism in this country.

  7. There is no doubt but that Romney will be GOP nominee notwithstanding the allegations of “Flip-Flopping” lodged against him. Show me any politician who has never, ever changed his mind(or flip-flopped, to use the buzz word) if you can.

    Gingrich would be a disaster for nominee. Of course he won’t be taken seriously once his star begins fading after Florida’s primary. He simply does not get his facts or his accomplishments straight.

    Conservatives don’t have to settle. You just have to decide that the White House is more important than quibbling about changing one’s mind in the political arena.

    Elissa, I guess you’ll not have to worry about voting come November given your current stance!


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