December 2011 Archives

12.31.2011 The Voting Rights Act Continues to Encourage Political Ignorance // John McKenna

This measure is incredibly insulting to the intelligence of the minority voter.  According to the court, it is critical for minorities to know what party their candidate belongs to; otherwise, they can’t vote without fear of voting for the wrong person.

12.31.2011 Clarkson’s Endorsement Brings Vitriolic Hatred // Frank Manning 

Using social media like Twitter and Facebook, we can show that not all students are supporters of progressive agendas. Otherwise, conservative celebrities may be reluctant to come out in support of GOP candidates in the future.

12.31.2011 Indoctrination Story: A Socialist’s Grasp on History at BSU // Domenic Gelsomino

Be proud of who you are and what you believe.  Your strength in the face of deceit could cause a radical revolution in your classroom.

12.30.2011 Obamacare: Medical Misery for America’s College Students // Anna Maria Hoffman

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Obamacare’s universal mayhem.

12.30.2011 What’s the Big Fracking Deal? // Stephan Yenca

It would be in poor judgment to completely neglect the clear monetary benefits of utilizing our natural resources in a time when people need jobs and the economy needs a boost.

12.30.2011 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Year in Education Policy Review // Caitlyn Stenerson

By this action alone, those teachers that accepted pay for fabricated sick days ought to be ashamed at their inability to care for the continued education of students placed under their charge.  Maybe it was never about the students in the first place.

12.29.2011 Don’t Shoot the Brunette Messenger // Christine Rousselle

One thing I’ve noticed amongst all the media attention was that somewhere in between the 14th and 16th of December, the focus of the story changed. The story was no longer about the abuse and fraud of the welfare system that I had witnessed while working at Walmart. The story became something different: me. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is completely beyond the point.

12.29.2011 Twitter for Terrorists // Raj Kannappan

Without separating moderate Islamist organizations and individuals from the violent extremists that have hijacked the religion in order to justify their perverse ideology, America will find it increasingly difficult to achieve lasting successes on the counterterrorism front.

12.29.2011 In Saudi Arabia, Government-Sponsored Misogyny No Longer Controls Who Can Sell You that Black Lacy Thong // Amy Miller

If you’re going to fight injustice and expose inequality, don’t do it because you’re a woman. Do it because you’re a person

12.28.2011 The Arc of Crisis Today: Why Ron Paul Can’t Be President // Kevin Reagan

There is a legitimate debate to be had about the current state of our involvement in Afghanistan and whether we should continue to nation or state-build in that country. But to compare our liberation of Iraq to a Chinese occupation of Texas is patently absurd.

12.28.2011 Barack Obama: The Anti-Jobs, Anti-American Dream President // Ryan Heffner

Three years later, millions of Americans regret their vote for Obama; as his narrow-minded, far-left ideology is destroying good-paying American jobs and the American Dream.

12.28.2011 Liberalism, the Self, and the Moral Order // Treston Wheat

American society and culture come from the vision of the Founders where the country would be a community of individuals.  For a liberal, the self is plenipotentiary and may act in any way it sees fit.

12.27.2011 Racists Among Us // Marc Seelinger

A voter ID requirement is grounded in a very real desire to have fair elections. Or maybe everyone save Eric Holder is a racist. Because if you live in a cave and ignore all of the data that would be the only explanation that makes sense.

12.27.2011 Women’s Studies: A Safe Haven from Dissension // Alex Rued

Inconsistencies in feminist theory could be remedied if the field permitted even the slightest deviation from the Feminist Creed; unfortunately, feminist dogma is likely to go unchallenged.

12.27.2011 Homeschooling: A Risk? // Elissa Roberson

Since when is the government in charge of overseeing and dictating a child’s view on life? Last time I checked, that is the task and obligation of a parent.

12.22.2011 Obama’s Beloved SEIU Fuels Violence Leading Up to 2012 Election // Gabriella Hoffman

Americans cannot be duped by unions—particularly, public sector unions—any longer due to their brutal tactics, anti-American goals, and disrespect for dissenting viewpoints.

12.22.2011 Destroying an Industry: Regulation of Cigars Shows Government Overreach // Andrew Staroska

In a typical “Nanny State” move, the FDA is looking to regulate cigars to the point of destroying the industry. Luckily, there are few people with common sense in our government.

12.22.2011 With Thunderous Applause // Joseph O. Turner

See the Declaration of Independence to notice that we are promised only the pursuit of happiness.

12.21.2011 The Jaffe Memo: What’s Wrong With Planned Parenthood Besides Abortion // Bryana Johnson

The delusion that planet earth is overpopulated and spiraling into uncontrollable and unsustainable population growth is one of the most destructive myths of our time, and is responsible for the deaths of millions.

12.21.2011 Kim Jong Un: Secret Basketball Fanatic? // Mark Mayberry

So what do we really know about Kim Jong Un?  According to the Washington Post, he loves Michael Jordan.  Other than that?  Not much.

12.21.2011 How Political Correctness Stole Christmas // Jacob Harmon

The Christmas holiday is simply another glaring reminder of how far we have fallen, not only in America, but across the globe.

12.20.2011 The Fog of the Presidency // Raj Kannappan

The 2012 election will test the Republican resolve to get the country back on track to an American century, and it will certainly test the Democratic ability to come to terms with outright policy failures.

12.20.2011 A Wish List for Real Change // Stephan Yenca

The weight of our nation’s grave circumstances abroad and domestically is brought to bear on the shoulders of the American people.

12.20.2011 Yes, America, There is a Santa Claus // Amy Lutz

Yes, America, Santa Claus does exist. He is perpetually present in the hearts and minds of compassionate Americans and his work is evident everywhere.

12.19.2011 Socialism: Kids Love It // Mark Mayberry

What astounds me most is the fact that that eight to ten year olds have allegedly come to embrace such worldly progressivism all by themselves.  I thought that most children were more interested in cartoons and candy than in learning of progressive ideas and politics.  I guess times have changed.

12.19.2011 The Student’s Empirical Case for the Second Amendment // Parker Mantell

Universities are very quick to honor and protect all other elements of the Bill of Rights, but remain adamant towards excluding a liberty that has proven its ability to save lives.

12.19.2011 Libertarians: Friends or Foes? // Alan Groves

At its core, conservatism is opposed to libertarianism because the latter is a man-contrived ideology while the former is a code of divinely revealed principles.

12.17.2011 The U.S. and Islam: Trading Safety for Tolerance // Sydney Phillips

The American people need to reclaim exceptionalism and embrace true liberty so that America’s founding principles may be preserved for future generations.

12.17.2011 Judicial Reform: Dangerous, Outrageous, and Totally Irresponsible // Amy Miller

If we start holding courts accountable to Congress for decisions in controversial cases, who, then, are we giving final authority over those controversial decisions? Congress?

12.17.2011 A Curious Case Study on the Minimum Wage // Luke Stibbs

Raising the minimum wage will stifle the engine of economic growth that is capitalism.

12.16.2011 Charlie Brown to Conservatives: Look Past Society’s Aluminum Christmas Trees // Amy Lutz

Just like no amount of tinsel or bows will make Christmas into something meaningful, no degree of modern distortion will restore our nation’s core values and provide the answers to our seemingly endless queries.

12.16.2011 Whose Job is it Anyway: The Duty of Government in Education // Elissa Roberson

How much longer are we going to allow an inefficient federal education system to decide what the future generations of Americans learn?

12.16.2011 Ronald Reagan’s Compromise and Victory // Andrew Staroska

We all need to take a step back and look at ways where we could compromise in order to get things done to save this great nation.

12.15.2011 Forced Generosity: Government Involvement in Humanitarian Causes // Bryana Johnson

Contrary to what we keep hearing from our friends on the left, conservatives do care about people, and we act on our concern with hefty donations of financial aid to the needy and destitute.

12.15.2011 Sperm Donor Daddy: The Breakdown of Society // Anna Maria Hoffman

Should we be conceiving children in the first place who will be deliberately denied the ability to know, and be known by, their father?

12.15.2011 A Message for Harry Reid // Ryan Heffner

Thanks to Harry, its no surprise entrepreneurs are apprehensive about starting a business.

12.14.2011 Occupy: A Brit’s Perspective on the Movement // Frank Manning

To Republicans, they are an example of modern-day entitlement culture, young people who expect the moon on a stick and refuse to work for it.  To Democrats, they are useful idiots, taking media attention off Obama’s diabolical ratings.

12.14.2011 Going to College Uninformed is Like Sitting on a Frozen Pole with No Pants: Stupid // Zachary Freeman

If the Left has their way—if you obtain a college degree in due time—you WILL become a liberal.

12.14.2011 In the First Person // Troy Ard

I am not too young to remember the days when Republicans would rather be caught naked in public than to openly violate Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

12.13.2011 Citizen Accountability in Wisconsin Recall // Caitlyn Stenerson

For a group that began the recall to ensure that Governor Walker is held responsible for his political actions during this past session, United Wisconsin is failing to maintain responsibility in their own organization.

12.13.2011 My Time at Walmart: Why We Need Serious Welfare Reform // Christine Rousselle

What I didn’t expect to be part of my job at Wal-Mart was to witness massive amounts of welfare fraud and abuse.

12.13.2011 A Country With Short-Term Memory // Alexander Uzarowicz

Both President Obama and even some candidates in the Republican field have skeletons in their closets that people are all too excited to forget about.

12.12.2011 The Whimsy Organizers’ Dangerous Sway // Alex Rued

If Americans continue to view OWS as a matter of indifference, it likely will be that the political focus will not center on the economic development and innovation that generates true, American prosperity.

12.12.2011 UNC’s Islamic Diversification // Marc Seelinger Jr. 

What makes the Muslim students so special and, why can’t the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) continue making room reservations just like every other religious group on campus?

12.12.2011 Utopian Folly: Liberalism’s Philosophical Folly // Treston Wheat

Modern American liberalism rests on two fundamental tenets: that utopia is possible and truth is relative. This comes from the history of the Progressives at the end of 19th century and beginning of 20th.  But Progressives during that time were far different than their leftist counterparts of today.

12.09.2011 Iraq: Lights Out for the Myths // Kevin Reagan

As we prepare to officially close the books on U.S. military operations in Iraq, perhaps we can finally also put to bed the many myths propagated by the Left as to the reasons for our intervention and its results.

12.09.2011 My Conversion to Conservatism in the Age of Obama // Marie-Claire Bousquette

I began to realize not only that I identified with conservatives, but that conservatism is derived from the factual truth.

12.09.2011 Losing Our Religion: Christian Colleges Under Siege // Antony Earley

The very foundations of our moral society have eroded in the university setting.  We must resist and take back our universities – faith-based ones included.

12.08.2011 Arab Spring, Ayatollahs, and Bad Decisions // Mark Mayberry

If radical Islam decides to take hold in these largely secular countries so be it, but why, Mr. President, are we going to encourage it?

12.08.2011 Tim Tebow Should Terrify Moral Relativists // Gabriella Hoffman

If Tebow is a positive influence, then why is he hated by so many?   The answer: he is a Good Samaritan and equally God-fearing guy—qualities that are loathed and admonished in a culture defined by Cultural Marxism.

12.08.2011 Free: A Musical Metaphor of America Today // Joseph O. Turner

We must stop being the willing instruments in our own enslavement.  The chains have been forged, but there is still a chance to return to freedom.

12.07.2011 I Was Conservative Before It Was Cool // Amy Lutz

I hope the counter-culture of college conservatives can follow in the footsteps of the hipsters.

12.07.2011 The U.S. and Israel, Friends Forever? // Jacob Harmon

It is our responsibility as young conservatives to ensure our nation’s relationship with Israel remains strong.

12.07.2011 Pimp-in-Chief: A History of Infidelity in the White House // Tanner Salyers

What is in the water in Washington D.C.?  It seems like Presidents and Presidential candidates have a problem with, well, keeping their pants on.

12.06.2011 Tales of a Democratic Fabulist // Raj Kannappan

Immediately following the start of her tenure as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FLA) chose the path of deception over collected leadership.

12.06.2011 Swarm Theory: How the Media Controls the Debate // Luke Stibbs

Swarm theory is similar to the idea of the media echo chamber. One media outlet reports on a story, and the fact that one media outlet reported on it makes it ‘newsworthy’. Other media outlets begin to cover it. The original source goes back and covers all of the coverage; and the self-sustaining loop continues.

12.06.2011 Homegrown Conservatis// Alan Groves

The days of old when meals were homemade and even homegrown are long gone. So, too, are the days when people reflected on their political philosophies to a deeper extent and cared about the substance of a candidate rather than the letter after his name. This is the essence of the new movement to restore liberty in America: homegrown conservatism.

12.05.2011 Words Speak Louder Than Actions: Rhetoric, Israel, and the Obama Presidency // Parker Mantell

Externally, the implications of the Obama administration continued statements regarding Israel remain irresponsible.  It is this external irresponsibility that sufficiently epitomizes the harm that the administration has placed on the Israeli cause.

12.05.2011 Liberty, Equality, and Class Warfare // Zachary Freeman

The only difference between a conservative and a liberal is that one sees problems with historical glasses and the other dreams of unrealistic utopian solutions to the same problems.

12.05.2011 Fire and Ice // Troy Ard

We thought we had found that in Barack Obama, but he was nothing more than the other sunshine soldiers with kind words and no perspective.

12.02.2011 Not Just Gulag Bound, But Amusing Ourselves to Death: What Orwell Missed // Bryana Johnson

But the immediate danger facing us is the fact that there are so few thinking people left, and that most of them are non-thinking by their own choice, simply because Jay Leno and football are so much more fun.  

12.02.2011 Hello, Massive Inflation // Sydney Phillips

I refuse to be the 99% who will be blindsided by an even more drastic economic crisis than the current recession.

12.02.2011 #OccupyBrains (or How You Learned to Embrace Academia and Support Young Conservatives) // Amy Miller

Getting caught with your pants down in a room full of hostile liberal minions who look to an equally-hostile liberal professor for the final call on an issue is a nightmare I’d never wish on any conservative.

12.01.2011 Citizens of the World: Why the CRC is Dangerous for America // Anna Maria Hoffman

Our generation must protect parental rights so we may secure a safe future for our own children.

12.01.2011 If You Give a Mouse a Cookie // Joseph O. Turner

If we continue to appease conformity, if we continue to appease the partisans in Washington, if we continue to appease the sense of entitlement, soon enough there will be no cookies and no milk left for anyone to enjoy.

12.01.2011 UNESCO Admits Syria Selection Was “A Bad Joke” // Chester McFisticuffs

Critics of the international body saw this as the embodiment of UN inefficiency and incoherence.


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