TheCollegeConservative is run and maintained by donations from generous conservatives around the world.  If you like what you’ve seen and what we’re about here at TCC, we’d be honored if you would consider contributing to our cause: developing political leaders for the future prosperity of America.


We sincerely appreciate your help, and we look forward to furthering the cause of conservatism for many years and generations to come.

Disclaimer: your generous donation will be used to help offset administrative costs such as website maintenance, office supplies, promotional expenses, and other responsible expenditures for the furthering of the conservative movement.  While contributions to TheCollegeConservative are not tax-deductible, you are more than welcome to check in with us at any point in time to see how your donation has been put to good use.



  1. It does my heart good to know there are conservative young people out there. Keep up the good work. I am 51 years old and all I hear about are all the liberal young people from the liberal media pushing the left wing socialist and communist agendas. Of course I don’t blame all the liberal young people because I believe for the most part they don’t know what they are doing. Liberalism tugs at their heart strings and it sounds good on the surface but in practicality and actuality it doesn’t work. They are told that conservatives are mean and heartless rich people and the peer pressure is enormous to be liberal in college.

    How many liberal college kids would share their grades with others that failed a class because they didn’t put in the hard work that it takes to get good grades? If someone complains that conservatives use the government loans, just tell them that shows that conservatives aren’t rich and that you have to use the liberal system that is set in place, you have no choice. Yes when and if I am ever on Social Security as a conservative it is because I have no choice, the government took my money that I could have invested myself and now I need it back.

    Of course nobody is for not helping people when they are down, but the battle not with just helping people, it is against a policy of spreading the wealth and making everybody the same socially and economically, which is what failed communism is. It takes away any incentive to better oneself. The battle is between individualism vs. government control. We can help people when they are down, without setting up policies that make everybody need help, or forcing everybody onto a government system.

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