January 2012 Archives

1.31.2012 What’s Mitt So Afraid of? // Angela Morabito

One would think that Romney might have had more success in the primaries so far, given the clear weaknesses of his competition. The most distinctive things about Santorum are his religion and his sweater vests.  Newt has his own problems, named Jackie, Marianne, and Freddie Mac.  Romney gets to be the “frontrunner” by default, but because of his ambiguity, Republicans aren’t rallying around Mitt.

1.31.2012 Abolishing the IRS: The Case for a FairTax // Jeffrey Max

Most politicians simply speak in platitudes by generally offering to cut taxes.   Former presidential candidate Herman Cain had a plan in mind called 9-9-9.  While I didn’t fully agree with his plan, I immediately fell in love with one of the 9′s – a national sales tax.

1.31.2012 Not Just a Blob of Cells // Amy Lutz

In a world that seems increasingly backward and hopeless, it’s nice to know that untainted goodness and innocence are still possible.

1.30.2012 War on Education // Angela Morabito

We’re not “falling” – we’re already behind (a whopping 14th in the world for reading, worse for math and science) and we’re getting stuck.  This is not because American students are less capable than their peers in other nations; it’s because big government keeps lowering the standard at which students are asked to achieve.

1.30.2012 Scouts Sent to Back of the Bus // Marc Seelinger

Everyone is familiar with the Left’s war on the Boy Scouts.  It’s a wildly successful organization that encourages self-reliance and responsibility in teenage boys (a rather formidable task), so, naturally, it must be squelched.  Sometimes they go after the Scouts because of the God thing. Other times they go after them because of the gay thing. A recent editorial in the Daily Tar Heel goes after the Scouts for the gay thing, but there’s an interesting twist.

1.30.2012 2012 Isn’t Just About Obama // David Milstein

The American Dream is under assault and the values that have always defined America seem to have been forgotten.

1.27.2012 Kissing this Newt Won’t Make Him the Conservative Prince We’ve All Been Waiting For // Luke Stibbs

His last name isn’t Romney, which means that much of the Republican electorate is comfortable voting for him.  He isn’t basing his candidacy on social issues, which means the media will have less of a cudgel to beat him with.  He’s got a quick tongue, debates well, and easily shows the contemptible media narratives for what they are.

1.27.2012 A Shameful Congress // Raj Kannappan

No longer are Congressmen servants of the public, but leeches in the public sphere.  Most horrifying is that this game is only in its initial stage, and will accelerate into something surely more dangerous if voters fail to heed the warning signs.

1.27.2012 Collectivism Decivilizes When Government Grows // Christian Lopac

The word “collectivist” is sadly absent from the popular language of politics. Collectivism, in short, composes the political viewpoints that are focused on the collective, or the whole.  This is starkly opposed to individualism, which is focused on the individual.  Some of the political philosophies that are considered collectivist are Communism (and its various varieties), socialism, modern liberalism, and anarcho-syndicalism.

1.26.2012 Political Correctness and the Reactive TSA // Parker Mantell

When establishing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Department of Transportation (and later, the newly formed Department of Homeland Security) ultimately chose between two methods of protection to combat the exponentially growing threat of global and domestic terrorism.

1.26.2012 Birth Control Mandates Violate Constitutional and Court Precedence // Caitlyn Stenerson

Though the push for increased availability of oral (and otherwise) contraceptives is nothing new for a democratic caucus, the perhaps most surprising aspect of this passing date is that Christian institutions—including colleges and universities—will be mandated to comply with this measure within an extended time period.

1.26.2012 Supreme Court Sides with Sanity on GPS Tracking  // Amy Miller

The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously ruled that the police violated the Constitution when they placed a Global Positioning System tracking device on a suspect’s car and monitored its movements for 28 days.

1.25.2012 President Obama Delivers State of Disarray Address // Gabriella Hoffman

Last night, President Obama delivered his third State of the Union address before Congress. Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers were present for the speech. Entitled “An America Built to Last,” Obama’s speech was touted to be monumental.  Much to the dismay of Obama, he lived up to expectations and delivered the usual far-leftist talking points.

1.25.2012 Marines are Always Faithful So Why Aren’t We? // Mark Mayberry

Never in the history of the United States have we sent our troops to a civilized place to wage war.  It is disheartening to see how quickly some Americans have turned on the men that provide them safety.

1.25.2012 Artificial Population Leads to the Bubble Burst // Nick Kowalski

Today, college is pretty much accessible to anyone with a pulse, despite claims to the contrary.  But the laws of mathematics explain this should not be so.  Besides, most college kids devote much of their waking hours to Comedy Central, MTV, and half-naked drinking games.

1.24.2012 This is Not My America: Protests Are Ruining My Country // Elissa Roberson

The first flaw in the movement is a failure to recognize actual corruption. The over-regulation and crimes committed by government officials concerning Wall Street and the economy devastate the United States monetarily and ethically. An overly involved government squanders economic success, but this concept is never presented in the documentary.

1.24.2012 In Defense of our Defense // Kenneth Depew

It was a recurring theme even after I left Fort Benning.  At Fort A.P. Hill in northern Virginia: security first.  At Fort Hood, Texas; security first.  It was written in the army field manual for “Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad,” FM 7-8: security first.

1.24.2012 Southern Democrats: Gone with the Wind // Alan Groves

The story of the South is one for the ages.  It is the story of elegance and tradition trampled upon by ‘progress.’  It is the story of an agricultural economy uprooted by northern industrialism.

1.23.2012 Is A Capitalist Raider What America Needs? // Alex Rued

Campaign speeches imbedded with empty rhetoric oftentimes leave Americans exasperated, suspecting that candidates possess little knowledge of the issues discussed.  Politicking in 2012 appears be nothing short of conventional.

1.23.2012 The Difference Between Feeling Good and Doing Good // William A. McMahon

It takes a special kind of courage to stand up for what is unpopular. We know immediately that there is no social reward. Yet we persist in our belief, unable to escape the truth that lies at its heart.

1.23.2012 Choice Neglect: Personal Responsibility Becomes Governmental Responsibility // Amy Lutz

On January 11th, a federal judge in Rhode Island ruled on the side of Jessica Ahlquist, a 16-year-old who sought to remove a prayer banner from her school’s auditorium.

1.20.2012 Sting Video Raises Concern Over Voter Fraud; New Hampshire Attorney General Sues Filmmaker // Bryana Johnson

In July of 2011, New Hampshire governor John Lynch vetoed a bill that would have required New Hampshire voters to show photo ID before entering the polls.

1.20.2012 Quick Take: Showdown in the Palmetto State // Stephan Yenca

As Rick Perry resigned from the presidential primaries, he left an endorsement for Newt Gingrich, turning the pressure on for the last four candidates to make a significant mark in the hearts and minds of voters in the Palmetto State.

1.20.2012 Obama’s War on Senior Citizens // Jeffrey Max

With increased awareness of the deterioration of the Social Security system, no one is sure how much longer the program can remain solvent, or at least appear to be solvent.

1.19.2012 Juan Williams, Racism, and the American Work Ethic // David Giffin

Fox News contributor Juan Williams asked Gingrich a question about his recent insensitive comments about low-income families and putting children to work as school janitors in order to teach them a better work ethic.  He earned himself the only standing ovation of the evening.

1.19.2012 The NDAA and the War on Terror // Treston Wheat

Although it might seem controversial because it allows for the indefinite detention of an individual suspected of terrorism, the real controversy lies in how one views the nature of terrorism itself.

1.19.2012 I’m Not a Communist…Anymore // Arman Oganisian

This conversion to conservatism was a culmination of several psychological battles that played out over the course of a year.

1.18.2012 My Solutions.  You’re Welcome. // Christine Rousselle

Some like to make the issue of welfare a complicated mess, filled with statistical anomalies and outliers.  The solutions, while not always politically correct, are simple.  And they meet the standards of common sense.

1.18.2012 Raising Our Standards // Angela Morabito

Somehow, we were all surprised when Obama’s many promises turned out to be 1) actually terrible ideas, 2) hollow, or 3) both.

1.18.2012 Universities Should Embrace Intellectual Diversity, Not Political Correctness // Gabriella Hoffman

Academic freedom is most likely to thrive in an environment of intellectual diversity that protects and fosters independence of thought and speech.

1.17.2012 The Obama Administration and the Deliberate Undermining of the American Constitution // Luke Stibbs

Over the last week, the Obama Administration successfully disregarded the Constitution. Again.

1.17.2012 I Could Have Been Grandpa: Why We Need Voter I.D. Laws // John McKenna

I had my wallet in hand, expecting to show some evidence that I was who I said I was, but after the simple name-giving, I was handed a ballot and sent on my way.

1.17.2012 The Mormon Question // Alan Groves

Any conservative will agree however, that if Governor Romney does indeed win the Republican nomination, liberal talking-heads across the nation will suddenly have spontaneous revelations about his “cult-like” and “extreme” religion, and (out of the goodness of their hearts) will be sure to bring it to the attention of the American people.

1.16.2012 I Got Food Stamps and So Can You! // Sydney Phillips

Prior to writing and researching this project, my only impression of food stamps and similar welfare programs was that the credit only worked for certain items at certain stores and that an individual had to be in a particularly dire financial situation to receive such aid.  I was wrong.

1.16.2012 Churchill Belonged There: Can the GOP Save the Alliance? // Frank Manning

An American president supporting the free markets and scaling back the size of the government could show the way to other Western economies in dire need of urgent fiscal reform.

1.16.2012 The North Carolina Teachers Union Gets Schooled // Marc Seelinger

Instead of demanding that the state act as their personal dues collector, the union should recognize that very few other groups have this privilege and should not waste the state’s time and resources with ridiculous complaints.

1.13.2012 The Myth of Income Inequality // David Milstein

Rather than pushing for equal outcome that would only punish the more successful, we should instead promote equal opportunity to ensure greater upward mobility.

1.13.2012 The Allure of Executive Power // Raj Kannappan

To move from a position of claiming that he would not “use signing statements as a way of doing an end run around Congress” to using them 20 times already is telling.

1.13.2012 Cue the Fat Lady // Kevin Reagan

This election cycle is proving a version of the old adage that if something is repeated often enough it will become the truth. In this case, it is Mitt Romney’s “inevitability.”

1.12.2012 Failed Expectations: Hope and Change // Parker Mantell

Only in an Obama Presidency does an 8.5% unemployment rate equate to remarkable progress.

1.12.2012 Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How Misinformation is Influencing College’s Sexual Assault Policy // Alex M. Rued

Vice President Joe Biden announced that 20 percent of college females are sexually assaulted, making it 444 times more likely to be raped on a college campus than in Detroit, Forbes’ 2011 most dangerous city in America.

1.12.2012 The National Atheist Party: Taking God Out of the Equation Since 2011 // Amy Lutz

Without a God-centered morality, American exceptionalism slips away and our foundation crumbles.

1.11.2012 Obama, Where’s My Volt? // Jeffrey Max

Since the government takeover of General Motors, the Obama Administration has pumped billions of taxpayer dollars into the failed auto company, in hopes that it will revitalize its green initiatives.

1.11.2012 Love, War, and Peace: Christians and Foreign Policy // Treston Wheat

Often, Christian voters focus on issues like abortion, gay marriage, prayer in schools, etc. However, Christians should also focus on more foreign policy issues, like war and peace, international development, and conflict zones.

1.11.2012 Mitt Romney: The Party Candidate or Party Flop? // Elissa Roberson

Do we really want to run the risk of losing the battle simply because Mitt Romney can’t decide which party he’s with?

1.10.2012 2012: Goldwater, Not Rockefeller // Kenneth Depew

The Obama machine plans to use its billion-dollar war chest to buy victory from the jaws of defeat by brutally negative attacks on the yet-to-be-decided Republican nominee.

1.10.2012 Leaner Isn’t Meaner: An Analysis of the Administration’s Defense Cuts // Stephan Yenca

In light of growing economic concerns, President Obama unveiled his plan for defense spending cuts in a rare appearance at the Pentagon.

1.10.2012 The Ills of “Patron Saint” Education: Why We Need School Choice // Anna Maria Hoffman

As we move forward in the school choice movement, let us not forget the importance of fixing our current quality of education in our public schools and promoting choices that enable parents to choose schools that put education, not a political agenda, first.

1.9.2012 Payroll Tax Cut Signals Motives of Politicians // Alex Uzarowicz

Mr. President, Christmas presents could have waited; what can’t wait is the fiscal instability of the country and more importantly, the retirement funds of 70 million people.

1.9.2012 Virginia Indoctrinates Students, #Occupy Style // Amy Miller

Because every eight-year-old normally writes about their “yachts” and their “rides” and the ravages of unemployment. Normal eight-year-olds also use words like “content” and “satisfied”, instead of simply saying that they’re happy.

1.9.2012 Empty Promises Led to Nazi Germany // Bryana Johnson

The party also boasted a strong leader with bold plans and an eccentric personality. This man was Adolf Hitler, and the party is better known today as the Nazi party.

1.6.2012 Terrorists in Paradise: Guantanamo // Kevin Reagan

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, nearly three full years after President Obama signed an executive order for its closure, Club G’itmo is still open for business.

1.6.2012 Student Loans are Drowning Opportunity // Mark Mayberry

Student loans are an important aid for those attending college, and many students depend on them in order to attain higher education. Because of this, a startling trend has emerged.

1.6.2012 Young Voters Grow Disillusioned by Obama’s Dangerous Policies // Gabriella Hoffman

May young people reclaim this great republic from the evil clutches of Cultural Marxists, Keynesian economists, and “Occupy Wall Street” hooligans come Election Day 2012.

1.5.2012 Boehner-Killer: How the House Republicans Threaten Electile Dysfunction in GOP // Joseph O. Turner

John Boehner and the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives might single-handedly ensure Barack Obama another four years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

1.5.2012 Ignorance and Dysfunction: The Obama Administration and the War in Afghanistan // Kenneth Depew

It appears that since Iran didn’t want to play ball President Obama is getting his wish to negotiate with someone without preconditions and doubling down by possibly releasing high valued prisoners.

1.5.2012 Somewhere Between Pills and Hope: An Appalachian Story // Tanner Salyers

Thanks to the intrusive, authoritative,”father-knows-best” form of government, the people of Appalachia have been reduced to needy, broken, dope fiends, lying around stoned out of their minds, sucking their thumbs, and waiting for the first of the month to roll around so they can go to Wal-Mart and blow their welfare check on cigarettes and fast food.

1.4.2012 Santorum (Still) Takes the Cake in Iowa // Mark Mayberry

The finish line showed Santorum losing Iowa by a mere eight votes but most would conclude that Rick Santorum was the big winner.

1.4.2012 When the Government Picks, Everyone Loses // Luke Stibbs

Government takes our money in larger and larger chunks, while borrowing against our continued economic growth, holding future generations hostage.

1.4.2012 Hands Off My Fries: A Philosophical Objection to “Nudging” in the Food Industry // Amy Lutz

I can only assume that the First Lady’s stint in office will long be characterized by her perpetual battle against America’s increasing waistline.

1.3.2012 When Threats Become a Reality: The Story Behind Iran // Jacob Harmon

With the recent withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, Iran now has an opportunity to regain its influence in the region and further extend its world power.

1.3.2012 Obama the Narcissist // Raj Kannappan

Americans desire not a self-effusive vessel of grandeur to solve their problems, but rather, a leader who will work alongside them when necessary to overcome the issues of the day.

1.3.2012 Ayoob Kara and the Israeli Dream // Parker Mantell

Ayoob Kara’s mere existence as a member of the Knesset serves as empirical evidence that negates and dismantles the spurious, hate-based claims of an Israeli apartheid state.

1.2.2012 Pre-Caucus Polls Indicate Inconsistency // Nicole J. Pearce

Will tomorrow’s caucus predict the eventual nominee?  Better yet, will he or she have the momentum to take out President Obama?

1.2.2012 Occupy v. Tea Party: A Lesson in Protest // Sydney Phillips

I’d say the sense of entitlement embraced by those who occupy Wall Street and want to institute socialism is much more embarrassing than Americans who want to operate under a laissez-faire system that promotes freedom and opportunity.

1.2.2012 Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots // Alan Groves

My biggest fear is that after the election, conservatives will take a breather and will surrender the cause of liberty to be fought in Washington where it will inevitably die – regardless of which party is in power.


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