Letter from the Editor

Greetings, Conservative America!

It’s no secret that our great nation is facing some of its most trying times.  Without a serious push to educate the next generation in the ways of conservatives like Ronald Reagan and Russell Kirk, America will suffer insurmountable losses in the decades to come.

I once had a professor say that he “took a few extra points off of [my] paper just because [I am] conservative.”  Is this okay?  Is this what we pay money for?  College students are drowning.  From academic discrimination to verbal abuse, conservative students are being chastised for speaking their beliefs in the classroom.  I whole-heartedly believe the only way to solve this problem is to speak our beliefs louder, and on a national scale.

On this basis, TheCollegeConservative was created:

a.) we believe that young conservatives have something to say,

b.) they need a platform to get their message out, and

c.) the faithful conservatives in America need to see that there is a generation of young conservative leaders, across the world, that is preparing to lead our great nation back to prosperity.

I hope that you’ll subscribe to our daily postings and articles, but most importantly, I ask that you would provide comments, feedback, and encouragement, while spreading the word about our young conservative leaders.

Our generation has a knack for believing in ’progressive’ ideas and the vague idea of ‘change.’  We, at TheCollegeConservative, don’t need ‘progressive’ ideas because we believe that ‘progressive’ ideas are simply incarnations of ideas that didn’t work the first time they were introduced.  The only ‘change’ we need is a change back to the ways of the founding fathers.

It’s time to re-establish conservative values in the United States, and it starts with the hearts and minds of my generation being turned back to truth, morality, and faith.


Zachary Freeman

Editor-in-Chief, TheCollegeConservative

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